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Here at Mr Steam Cleaners we are a small team of friends who wanted to write a blog on our experiences with various machines, originally we started off with just what we had (we all had a different one) but now we have managed to expand and try the most popular steam cleaning brands, such as Hoover, Pifco, Polti and Morphy Richards. We run these cleaners through various day to day jobs we do and then try summarise what we thought about each machine in a blog post.

Why did we do this?Because we had all had bad experiences with certain steam cleaners and wanted to help people avoid doing the same and make an informed decision on buying a cleaner which most suits your lifestyle. We also loved our machines once we got the right one for us - we nearly didn’t get another one after our first as they were so terrible but now they’re something we both use at least twice a week and love them as they make our lives so much easier. We don’t want you to go through the frustrations that we had and you get your perfect cleaner straight away.

What do you do apart from reviewing steam cleaners?

Well we’re all pretty busy with our day jobs from 9-5 monday to friday but when we’re not working we’re either with family or cleaning up after our family which is where I guess this website came from. But we’ll tell you a little bit more about each of us, so there is 3 of us.


I have 2 children both boys below the age of 5 so I guess a lot of my time is spent looking after and running around after them.

We have a dog, Doug the Yorkie who is going on 5 years old. We spend a few weekend away each year in the mountains taking him with us.​

I went to university in my hometown in Greece then moved to England around 15 years ago


Mum to 1 son who is now going to university so is moving away

I have 2 dogs, both French Mastiffs who are getting a bit older now named Leo and Bruno

​When I’m not at work I usually am cleaning up after my family, ha!

But yeah that’s a little bit about us both so we really hope you like the website, we’re going to be adding more and more steam cleaners over time to our reviews.