Beldray 10-in-1 Steam Cleaner

The Beldray 10-in-1 Steam Cleaner is a great first-purchase option for those wondering if a steam cleaner is the right choice for their home. It features a steam mop for full floor coverage from tiled floors to hardwood and even carpet. It also has a handheld detachable option for covering the areas of your home that a mop can’t reach – countertops, cupboards, stove tops, sinks, bathtubs and grout. It can even be used effectively to clean windows from top to bottom. We think it is a great product for the cost since it takes care of everyday cleaning tasks with ease and gives you a taste of the power of steam cleaning.

The Beldray 10-in-1 has a 450mL water tank, which surpasses most steam mops on the market and provides you with about 15 minutes of operational steam time before a refill is necessary. The amount of water used by the mop can be altered according to the degree of the mess you have to clean up, and it only takes about 20 seconds to reach full steam potential. This means that the breaks between use are minimized and you can complete your regular cleaning more quickly and efficiently. With 3 bar pressure coming out of the steam jets, the power of this device is incredible when compared to most steam mops on the market. Unfortunately, that power comes at a price.

To start with, the 10-in-1 is very heavy at almost 5 Kg. This is about twice the weight of the average steam mop, and can make regular cleaning a bit tiresome. We found the attachments were a bit flimsy. Although we never experienced a failure while we tested it, this is something to be aware of. Lastly, the regular refill intervals made cleaning large spaces a bit of a chore. However, we do not see this being a problem when used in the average household.

What We Love:

– Very powerful versus other comparable products
– Extremely flexible
– Great starter steam cleaner

What Can Be Improved:

– Regular refills are a bit of a pain
– Can get heavy if used for prolonged periods of time
– Not a great choice for upholstery