Beldray 12-in-1 Multi-Functional Steam Cleaner Review In Detail

The Beldray 12-in-1 Multi-Functional Steam Cleaner was built with steam cleaning flexibility in mind. It features a handheld steam cleaning attachment which can be used for every surface in the house, it provides a standard stand-up mop head which is great for use on tiled and hardwood surfaces, and it is very powerful for its size. Unlike some other Beldray products, it was designed to be able to handle steam cleaning for upholstery and even clothing, making a true multi-purpose steam cleaning option for any household. It also provides longer operational time than the average steam mop at over 20 minutes.

Since the water tank only holds about 350mL, the steam stream can be a bit lax compared to other steam mops, although it also means that you are not saturating your cleaning area when the mop is in operation, making this a great choice for carpets and upholstery – items you don’t want getting too wet. A huge plus in our books was the fact that the steam mop can be easily folded and put away, making storage a breeze.

This is a rarity for these products and really made this steam mop stand out for us. It is also remarkably affordable at about half the price of the typical steam cleaning mop. This makes it a great start-out choice for first-time steam cleaner buyers, as they will get a taste of what steam cleaning can do for them without the cost associated with such devices.​

On the downside, we discovered that the power of this device is somewhat lacking compared to many other products on the market. It still gets the job done, but it will require a bit of additional work for tough messes like oven corners or barbeque cleanups. Although 20 minutes is a long time for a steam mop to provide consistent steam pressure, we found that refills required the mop to be turned off to cool down before being started up again. The result is a 2 or 3 minute waiting period between refills before cleaning can resume. If you have limited floor space in your home, this is not a problem. However, for larger areas, we can see it becoming tedious. Overall, this is a great choice for the average homeowner if they want to perform everyday cleaning around the entire house.​

What We Love:

  • Very easy to use
  • Very flexible and can be used just about anywhere
  • Great first-time steam cleaner purchase

What Could Be Improved:

  • Refills take a lot of time
  • Not as powerful as some steam mops we tested
  • Extended use will overheat the device

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