Full Review - Beldray 9-in-1 Triangular Red & White Steam Cleaner

Beldray have been around since the 1950s creating houseware products, they were the first to design and make the adjustable ironing board. Beldray have stood the tests of time and really do create a great quality product.

The machine we are reviewing today is the Beldray 9-in-1 triangular steam cleaner. Beldray have really thought about the end user when creating this product, when testing it it was really a pleasure to use.​

Before we get started in the full review there are a few things I want to discuss to help you make the decision when purchasing a steamer on what exactly you need there are 3 main questions you want to ask yourself:

  • How often you will use it?
  • What surfaces you will use it on?
  • How much you are willing to spend?

Once you answer these questions you will be on your way to picking a steam cleaner with our help. The reason I suggest you think about how much you use it is because if you’re going to be using it everyday I would suggest that you think about putting a bit more money aside than if you are only going to use it occasionally.

The reason I suggest thinking about what surfaces you are going to use it on is because certain machines excel at cleaning certain materials and levels of grime, so if you are going to be using it exclusively on carpets I would get one that is more suited to carpets, the same with if you were only going to use it on tiles but if you are wanting to use it on all surfaces there are machines which are considered all round machines. These all round machines typically won’t be the best at anything but will be the jack of all trades, while they’re not the best they can do a decent job on everything.​

The Beldray 9-in-1 boasts great versatility and I would consider this a jack of all trades unit, it can do everything from carpets to tiles to upholstery. It has a 5 meter power cord so you don’t feel restricted while using it as long as you have a plug in each room and if you wanted you could always use it with an extension lead. The fact that it heats up in 30 seconds is great when you want to just get cleaning without having to wait around, it was a lot quicker to heat the water than a lot of units we tested. Without water the steamer weighs around 2.5kg so with water it is around the 3kg mark which means for us it was easy to move around and maneuver around the house with ease.

This isn’t to say that the Beldray is perfect, it can struggle when it comes into really tough grime as it moves a little more like a hoover than a scrubber, generally you go over an area and it cleans or it doesn’t, it can be hard to really scrub an area due to the fact it is a hoover style steamer. So it would be great to see Beldray address this and make it have a detachable handheld unit as part of this machine like other models have done. If you are looking for something to do the kitchen worktops I would definitely recommend going after a steamer which has the handheld as well so you can move it around the surface easily and get into the nooks and crannies as the fact it is the size of a hoover the handle can get in the way and bang into the cupboards if you attempt to use it on the worktops. This steamer did really well with tiled floors and walls that needed a little spruce over rather than a deep clean, it also worked really well for hard floors.​

All in all this is a great unit if you are going to use it as part of your everyday cleaning kit rather than something you bring out every few months in my opinion. As it deals with light grime fantastically but when it becomes more worn in or tougher this machine can start to struggle. For the price you really can’t go wrong at around £50, at the time of reviewing this steamer it currently is rated 5 stars on amazon which is a great sign that this product stands up to the Beldray name.​

We hope this review helped you to make an informed decision on which steamer to purchase.​

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