Beldray Steam Cleaner Reviews

Beldray steam cleaning products have only been around a short time, but they have made a splash with their combination of affordability and functionality. As a beginner’s tool for your steam cleaning needs, it would be hard to picture a better fit for day-to-day housecleaning. Although Beldray products do not carry the same kick that many specialized steam cleaners have, they are strong enough for the majority of steam cleaning projects. They are also built with practicality and flexibility in mind, with most steam mops featuring handheld steam cleaner detachments.

Beldray 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner (4.5 / 5)
● Super versatile
● Long power cord
● Lightweight
● Good for hard to reach places

Beldray 12-in-1 Multi-Functional Steam Cleaner (4.9 / 5)
● Very easy to use
● Very Flexible
● Long operating time
● Great 1st time steam cleaner

Beldray 10-in-1 Handheld Steam Cleaner (4.3 / 5)
● Very powerful
● Extremely portable
● Lot’s of attachments
● Can tackle most surfaces

Flexibility and Versatility

Beldray has been in the steam cleaning business for a few short years, but they have already hit on one of the most important aspects of steam cleaning a home: versatility. Each and every Beldray product we tested was designed to handle any mess you might find in your home. We found that the same product could handle everything from carpets to countertops and grout to table tops. Even fabrics and upholstery were fair game for these products. For that reason, we gave these products extra points since they incorporate a complete home-cleaning system without the need for multiple machines.

Easy Storage

Unlike the majority of steam cleaning products we tested, every Beldray we tested was either able to fold away for easy storage, or could have its attachments stored within the device itself. While a minor point to those with spacious storage space, this makes Beldrays a particularly good purchase for those with limited space in apartments or small houses. Most could be stored within a 10cmx10cm space, less than the average pair of shoes.

Power and Mobility

Beldrays hold a special place in our hearts because of the steam power output they are capable of while still retaining their portability and mobility. Lighter than many other products on the market, they nonetheless provide a wallop of steam power that puts many competitors to shame. The mop heads are designed to be small and mobile, allowing you to get into corners easily and efficiently. The power output is also there in spades, with some products doubling the steam power output of their competitors. This comes at a cost, however, as it requires more refills to clean the same amount of floor space. Still, it means that you will not have to go over the same area of floor twice to get sparkling results.

Handheld Is Best

As opposed to the traditional steam cleaning approach of producing a steam mop for floors and a detachable handheld device as an afterthought, Beldray focused on producing effective handheld devices first and foremost, then followed up with an attachable mop head for larger surface areas. Their handheld products are the best we tested, and their mobility makes cleaning light, fast and easy. They truly were a dream to use.

Great First Purchase

Despite all these benefits, Beldrays have remained an extremely affordable product. They are slightly more expensive than most first-time steam cleaners we tested (such as Hoovers and Pifcos), but we believe the extra spend is worthwhile. For 20% more, you get a steam cleaner that not only produces twice as much power, but is also more versatile, easier to store and (we believe) has a longer operational time. You will get more for your money with this brand.

If you are considering purchasing your first steam cleaner for in-home cleaning, we think this is a great place to start.