Best Steam Cleaner For Grout

Today’s steam cleaners have a lot of uses. From tiled floors to carpets, upholstery and clothing, they can be used across a wide variety of surfaces to achieve a spotless clean without using traditional methods like harsh chemicals and elbow grease. While steam cleaners have the ability to clear up messes from almost any surface, we have found that one of the most effective uses for them is to clean out grouted areas. Instead of digging into grouted corners with handcloths or washing over them with traditional mops, steam cleaners provide you with an easy, effective and sanitary way to remove built up dirt in a matter of seconds.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a steam cleaner for grout cleaning. Not all steam cleaners are born equal, and you want to make sure that the product you buy is designed to handle the job of grout cleaning. For a list of steam cleaners we suggest for this task, please check the bottom of this page. Here are a few things to look out for:

Factor #1: Does the steam cleaner provide “dry steam”?

Dry steam cleaning is the name given to steam cleaners that use pressure to boost steam production while minimizing water use. This is important because grouted floors do not need to be covered in water to maximize their effectiveness. In fact, more water can impact the cleanliness of your floor as particles are broken up and taken out of grout, but settle back into it since water always settles in the lowest part of any surface. Dry steam cleaners avoid this issue by using pressure to bump dirt out of your grouted areas and do not saturate the area, avoiding the issue of dirt relocation.