Morphy Richards 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner

The Morphy Richards 12-in-1 is a great choice for those looking to do regular, everyday cleaning on all floored surfaces. With 400mL of water tank storage, this Steam Mop/Handheld steam cleaner gives you enough steaming time to cover most floors in your home quickly and easily. The carpet-attachment allows you to cover both your hardwood, tiled and carpeted floors with minor time spent changing parts. The built-in boiler safety system means you don’t have to wait for this steam mop to cool down before switching out accessories. We particularly liked the portability and light weight of this model. Although we don’t suggest it, there is also an attachment for handling upholstery and fabrics.

What We Liked:

– Lightweight
– Easy to use
– No wait to switch accessories

What Could Be Improved:

– No as much water storage as vapour steam cleaners
– Less pressure than vapour steam cleaners
– Upholstery attachment did not perform well

Efbe-Schott SteamEasy 4-Bar Steam Cleaner

The Efbe-Schott SteamEasy 4-Bar is a fantastic steam cleaning system. It encompasses everything you could want in a handheld steam cleaner: power, mobility, runtime and flexibility. With a 1.1 litre water tank, multiple extensions for different surfaces around the house, and with a portable handheld design, you can use this steam cleaner all over the house from ceiling to floor.

We absolutely loved the 4 bar pressure we achieved with it which blew every comparable device we tested out of the water. In our experience, you simply don’t get 4 bar pressure from a handheld device.

Of Note:

From a comfort perspective, it was one of the only devices we tested that was absolutely thermo-regulated, meaning it can be operated without feeling warm to the touch. Many devices tend to overheat after extensive use. Not so with the Efbe-Schott SteamEasy. It also comes with a shoulder strap for easy portability. This is great since a 1.1 litre tank of water can become heavy after extended use.

Everything about the SteamEasy is made for easy, effective use. Above all, the best part of our experience with Efbe-Schott was the customer service. Unlike many steam cleaners, this company stands behind its products and provides a 7/7 customer support service which allows you to get replacement parts or help with the machine if necessary. We did not have a problem with the device we tested, but it is great to know that a company stands behind its product even after you have bought it.

In terms of negatives, there are a couple of issues we had with the SteamEasy. Although it is capable of general floor coverage and cleaning carpets, we found it much more useful for spot-cleaning and power-cleaning rather than full-floor cleaning. This steam cleaner was designed for use on construction sites and it shows in how powerful, portable and efficient it is. That being said, it will work effectively for general-purpose home cleaning, and has the muscle to take care of the big messes when necessary. It can be overkill with regard to light dirt cleanups, however.

What We Love:

– Most powerful handheld steam cleaner we tested
– Huge water tank allows for long run time
– Very portable, easy to use

What Can Be Improved:

– Might be overkill for light house messes
– Best for emergency cleaning
– Can get heavy without shoulder strap

Carpet Steam Cleaners

Carpet steam cleaners are what most people think of when they hear the words “steam cleaners”. Traditionally, these have been large, clunky machines that focus on removing stains from carpets. Rather than using steam cleaners as an emergency measure to remove stains from carpets, most of the products we have collected are meant to be used as part of your normal cleaning cycle. This keeps your carpet fresh and sanitized while avoiding stains setting in.

The benefits of carpet steam cleaners is that they are created with portability and ease of use in mind. Most are either portable units that look like vacuum cleaners, or can be mounted on your shoulders so you don’t have to worry about annoying cords getting in the way.

The primary consideration you should take into account when considering what carpet steam cleaner to get is how much bar pressure it holds and, depending on the amount of carpet in your home, the amount of water it contains. This will help in decided how long the steam cleaner can operate for and how deep the steam will penetrate into the carpet.

Ideal Steam Cleaners For Carpet:



– Extremely portable for easy use
– Allows you to specifically target problem areas of your carpet
– Can be placed on shoulder or back for portability


– Very little water capacity
– Not ideal for large carpeted areas
– Can get heavy if not mounted

Vapour Steam Cleaners


– Dry steaming gives deep clean
– Large water capacity for large carpeted areas
– High pressure systems provide highest sanitation


– Large systems can be unwieldy around the home
– Requires more energy
– Heavier than handheld options

The Best Steam Cleaners For Floors, Carpets and Furniture

Depending on what you are cleaning in your home, you want to make sure the steam cleaning product you choose is suited to the task. We have put together a brief list of our favourite steam cleaning products suited to specific tasks you might encounter in your home so we can maximize the value each of these products has for you.

Steam Cleaners For Floors

Steam cleaners have traditionally been associated with deep-cleaning carpets and for sanitizing hardwood and tiled floors. Here are a few things you should look for when buying for these specific tasks:

Hardwood and Tile Steam Cleaners

Hardwood and tiled floors are seen as being the easiest to clean, making them a common part of any home. That being said, you want to make sure that the products you are using are not causing long-term damage to these surfaces. Cleaning products used with mops, for example, can damage hardwood by corroding the surface and letting moisture underneath. This can cause warping and disfigured flooring, costing you thousands in repairs every few years.

Steam cleaners provide a solution to this problem – they are designed for floors do not use any harsh chemicals meaning your floors remain safe and sound throughout your cleaning regimen. Additionally, the amount of water used by these devices is very small. The end result is that none of the moisture you create during your clean will warp your floors. This keeps them shining without any risk of damage.

The best for hardwood or tiled floors tend to be steam mops. These products are made for light use and regular cleaning projects, which is what hardwood and tiled floors typically need.