H2O Mop X5 5 in 1 Portable Steam Mop

The H2O X5 Steam Mop is the perfect combination of steam mop and handheld steam cleaner. it is designed as a multi-purpose cleaning tool which can cover wide expanses of floor or be leveraged to tackle jobs such as countertops, grout cleaning or windows. It can also be used to steam clean fabrics, upholstery and clothing in its handheld form. We loved many things about this product when we tested it. Above all stand the run time and power of this device, along with the price and its’ ability to get into difficult areas easily. It is lightweight and features many attachments which can be used for nearly any job you need to accomplish.

The Good:

At 30 minutes of run time, the steam power of the X5 lasts far longer than almost all of the other steam mops we tested. It comes with a large number of attachments which allow it to handle dirt and grime on anything from carpets to tiled floors and from countertops to ovens, windows and grout. The mop head swivels extremely well and the light weight of the X5 allows you to corner and contour every inch of your home easily. Unlike many steam cleaners we tested, the X5 features a 6 metre power cord, giving you flexibility and mobility for large rooms in your home.

We were also impressed with the power output of the X5. It kicks out the steam power equivalent of many vapour steam cleaners we tested but without the bulk, weight or trailing boiler of many steam cleaning products on the market. Additionally, a huge value point for us was the price of the X5. It is a very high-quality machine for the price, and we estimate that it will last longer than most products on the market assuming you take good care of it.​

The Bad:

Unfortunately, the X5 does have some drawbacks. Although the handheld component of the machine is capable of cleaning upholstery and fabric using the fabric attachment, we found that it used a lot more water than floors required. This was problematic for 2 reasons:

– The upholstery was subjected to a lot of water, which left it damp after use
​- The X5 ran out of water more quickly, requiring more refills

Some reviews we browsed found that the thermostat of the X5 was particularly troublesome. In some cases it misrepresented the temperature of the water in the tank, causing users to spray water over their floors or upholstery rather than steam. In other cases, the thermostat failed completely, requiring users to determine when the steam cleaner was operational rather than being told when it was by the machine itself.

While the X5 has a long run time due to its sizeable water tank, refilling and reheating was a bit of a chore. Unlike some handheld steam cleaners we tested, the X5 lags behind in heating time, requiring somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes to be ready for use. Compared to some products that required less than 30 seconds, this is a significant setback.​

What We Love:

– Seems to produce steam forever, very long run time
– Very flexible, light and mobile for nearly any mess in your home
– Perfect for small rooms with a lot of furniture
– Can be used on any surface
– Very powerful

What Could Be improved:

– Heat up times can delay cleaning significantly
– Thermostat has been identified as a common issue by user reviews
– Handheld component not great for use on upholstery

H20 Steam Cleaner Mops Reviews

Like many other manufacturers in the steam cleaning sphere, H2O has a history of producing steam cleaning products for everyday use in the home. Unlike many other manufacturers, however, they manage to produce extremely good products at a reduced rate. We like to refer to them as the “working man’s brand” since they get the job done but don’t break the bank at the same time.

Every H2O product we tested had 3 things in common:

– They were inexpensive
– They performed extremely well
– They were well assembled

This makes them a personal favourite of ours since these are 3 major considerations for any homeowner when it comes to the tools they use to clean their home. We particularly enjoyed the accessibility and easy use of each product we tested. H2O truly makes their products with their customers in mind. Each steam mop performed extremely well, was easy to use, and featured a fair price tag – all qualities that we respect and admire.

H2O products do not reinvent the wheel when it comes to steam cleaning products; they simply improve on existing models and provide quality at a fair price. We liked that the products we tested were well put-together and showed good reviews across the board on every forum we checked. Again, there is nothing particularly special when it comes to H2O’s products – they do not have the bells and whistles of some products on the market. That being said, if you are operating a steam cleaner in your home, you are probably more concerned about it working properly than being flashy.

Another great aspect of the H2O products we tested is their focus on the comfort of the user. Their focus on 2-in-1 steam mop/handheld steam cleaner pairs means that you get the best of both worlds with both a stand-up steam mop and a portable hand cleaner. Nothing fancy about either part of the device, but both are equally functional and able to tackle everyday messes around the house. For the handheld devices, H2O also provides shoulder straps for higher portability and a lighter load while moving about your home.

When it comes to general-purpose steam cleaning products that are functional, easy to use and extremely portable, it would be hard to find a better brand than H2O. We did not come across a product we didn’t like. We highly recommend any of the products below for your everyday cleaning needs.

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner Reviews

Morphy Richards is a steam cleaner brand that is relatively new on the scene. This doesn’t mean they produce poor quality products, however. On the contrary, Morphy Richards steam cleaners were among some of the best we tested. Although they do not produce vapour steam cleaners for powerful industrial cleaning like many of their competitors, they specialize in producing general-purpose in-home steam cleaners for floors and upholstery. They also tend to be extremely affordable, and provide excellent value for the cost. We have put together a review of a couple of their products to help you determine if one of them might be right for you.

Morphy Richards is a steam cleaner brand that is relatively new on the scene. This doesn’t mean they produce poor quality products, however. On the contrary, Morphy Richards steam cleaners were among some of the best we tested. Although they do not produce vapour steam cleaners for powerful industrial cleaning like many of their competitors, they specialize in producing general-purpose in-home steam cleaners for floors and upholstery. They also tend to be extremely affordable, and provide excellent value for the cost. We have put together a review of a couple of their products to help you determine if one of them might be right for you.

As you can see from the picture their steaming products so far have been the mop style cleaner. The fact that they are mop means that are they are more suited to doing large surfaces in our opinion as they don’t have the biggest selection of accessories and the accessories tend to have a larger surface area although that isn’t to say it cannot be done as we did manage to use it for smaller area successfully. Some people got in touch worried that the mop style would become cumbersome and tiring but we can assure you that the Morphy Richards machines at no point became too much for us to handle, they are very lightweight for their size.​

I would recommend looking all the reviews before you decide upon a specific machine, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. You will want to decide what factors are most important for you, some people prefer to have a machine that can last a long time without refills whereas others aren’t worried about having to fill up more frequently. So just think about what you want to use the cleaner for before you purchase, although the Morphy Richard machines are quite good multi-taskers and overall a good quality brand, that we are happy to recommend, especially for those with a lower budget – they start at around £50 and go up to £100+.

At the lower end there are less options and settings for the machine but as you move up to their higher end ones you get some really neat features such as variable steam control, floor illumination which makes it easier to clean under tables for example and vibrating functions to help you remove tough dirt. That being said the cheaper models can get the job done and are still a good quality product, just the extra features generally make your life a little easier when cleaning.

Depending on how often you see yourself using the steam cleaner might be a deciding factor when deciding whether to get a budget machine or a more expensive one, if you want to use it every week then I would recommend allocating a bit more money but if it is only going to be used very occasionally for a specific job maybe consider getting a slightly cheaper machine. I know that we use our steam cleaner every week so want the one with the best features, the ones that make it easier to use and make our lives easier.

Efbe Schott Steam Cleaner Reviews

Efbe-Schott is another excellent steam cleaner brand that has established a reputation in the industry for quality machines that will last and provide excellent results. While their steam cleaners are not as powerful as many vapour steam cleaners on the market, they are also much more cost-effective and ideal for homeowners when it comes to everyday cleaning and flexibility. Each of their devices is fitted with multiple accessories which allow you to cover every surface in your home.

Industrial Steam Cleaning Power

Efbe-Schott is the one brand of products we tested that were specifically designed to be used in an industrial capacity. They are typically used on construction job sites to remove allergens and finish cleaning after work has been completed. This makes them particularly effective at removing tough, greasy messes around your home. There are a few factors that mark Efbe-Schott products from others we reviewed:

– Built to last

– Very simple to use

– Extremely powerful

Since these products are designed to be used in notoriously messy settings, it is no wonder that they performed so well in our tests. They performed better universally for their intended purposes – cleaning tough outdoor messes.

Ideal For Outdoor Use

Unlike many other brands on the market, Efbe-Schott manufactures their products specifically for outdoor purposes. They can also be used indoors for cleaning anything from tiled floors to furniture, but they truly shine when it comes to cleaning things like car engines, barbeques and sidewalks. We found they worked well for cleaning tough areas of bathrooms and kitchens like ovens or bathtubs.

Tough Products

Efbe-Schott developed a reputation for tough, long-lasting products during our tests. Unlike many other products, we found that they could sustain a lot of punishment and continue functioning perfectly. The price reflects this, as many Efbe-Schott steam cleaners are more expensive than their in-house competitors. That being said, if you know a steam cleaner will help with your everyday cleaning and want something that will last for years as opposed to months, this may be the best option for you.

Long Run Times

Another factor that marked Efbe-Schott apart from competitors is their ability to function for prolonged durations. Even the most basic products we reviewed functioned for over an hour on full steam power – something even the best alternatives could not compete with. It is very fair to say that Efbe-Schott is the performance steam cleaner that other brands want to be.

We have put together the results of several of our reviews for you to browse through. Take a look and see if one of these products might be right for your needs.

Pifco Steam Cleaner Reviews

Pifco is a relatively new brand in the steam cleaning industry and has produced several general-purpose steam cleaning products designed for in-home use. We found these products to be built for light use and general home cleanups. In general, they do not feature the power of other brands and products we found. However, they are extremely cost-effective and can take care of most jobs you would ask of them. If you do not own a steam cleaner, these are a great first step to determine whether you are better off with or without one at a fair price.

Very Affordable

Pifco products tend to be on the more affordable side of the price scale. This does not mean they sacrifice quality for price – it simply means that they have cheaper products with less bells and whistles. Pifco has focused on providing the bare necessities when it comes to steam cleaning options with pricing to match. We like to refer to them as an entry-level steam cleaning choice since they show the power and benefits of steam cleaners but are not as powerful as alternatives from other brands.

Easy To Use

Unlike some other steam cleaning products we have tested, Pifco produces very simple, easy-to-understand steam cleaning systems that are basically ready to go straight out of the box. This makes them ideal for less mechanically-minded homeowners who simply want something that will make their cleaning tasks easier. The Handheld Steam Cleaner in particular was a simple “point-and-spray” system that required no construction and very little maintenance. It was great for spot cleaning small areas such as countertops and tables.

Lightweight and Portable

Pifco products also proved to be much lighter than many steam cleaners we tested, whether in handheld or steam mop form. We felt this merited recognition since steam cleaners can be very clumsy and heavy once they are filled with water. However, the Pifco products listed here were both well-balanced and capable of producing decent steam power for their size.

General-Purpose Steam Cleaners

Pifco also seems to have focused on producing general-purpose products that can used in nearly any situation. They are not necessarily the best in any particular aspect of steam cleaning (power, run time, water tank storage), but they are pretty good in all of these aspects. Although they are not specialized in the same way Hoover or Efbe-Schott products are, they are much more versatile, making them a great addition to any cleaning arsenal.

Hoover Steam Cleaner Reviews

Hoover has been a brand associated with cleaning the home for generations. Moving from vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies to steam cleaners was a big step, but it is something the company has taken to and are now producing some very efficient and effective steam cleaning devices. We have taken the time to put together information on 3 of our favourite Hoover steam cleaning machines – 2 steam mops and 1 handheld steam cleaner – to help you with making your home a cleaner, more sanitary place for your loved ones.
What Makes Hoover DifferentWhen it comes to steam cleaning brands, Hoover is not necessarily the first name that comes to mind. They are a relative late-comer to the steam cleaning game, although they have come through with some powerful and efficient devices that span the gap from floor-only steam mops to spot cleaning handheld devices and mixed 2-in-1 steam cleaning systems. Each of the devices we tested had their own strengths and weaknesses, but generally speaking each of these products had 3 things in common:

  • They were designed with a specific task in mind
  • They were very affordable
  • They were well-received by users on all forums

These are points we like to see for any steam cleaning brand. It tells us that the brand knows what it wants to accomplish with each product it manufactures, wants to satisfy customers, and produces good cleaning systems. We found this to be true during testing, where we identified Hoover products as being particularly effective at completing the tasks for which they were designed.

Specialized Products For Specialized Tasks

Although each product below is specialized to take care of specific tasks around the house, they are all very well-priced and as part of a steam cleaning combination can tackle every task in your home. Although there are other products such as vapour steam cleaners that are capable of multi-purpose steam cleaning, they are not specialized to any specific task which can reduce their effectiveness versus Hoover’s line of products.

Of course, having 1 tool that can accomplish all tasks may seem like a better option, especially from a storage perspective. However, we also found that this lineup of Hoover products were less expensive than their multi-purpose competitors, and had specialized uses which allowed them to outperform their competitors as part of a cleaning arsenal. In other words, a multi-purpose solution is kind of like fitting a round peg into a square hole, while Hoover has focused on producing the right peg for the right hole for a fit that works wonders in your home.

These Hoover products were chosen based on their ability to clean, their operational time, their cost and additional considerations such as the weight, ease of use or flexibility of each device. After many hours of detailed review, the steam cleaners on this pare are our top picks for the best Hoover steam cleaners.

Beldray Steam Cleaner Reviews

Beldray steam cleaning products have only been around a short time, but they have made a splash with their combination of affordability and functionality. As a beginner’s tool for your steam cleaning needs, it would be hard to picture a better fit for day-to-day housecleaning. Although Beldray products do not carry the same kick that many specialized steam cleaners have, they are strong enough for the majority of steam cleaning projects. They are also built with practicality and flexibility in mind, with most steam mops featuring handheld steam cleaner detachments.

Beldray 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner (4.5 / 5)
● Super versatile
● Long power cord
● Lightweight
● Good for hard to reach places

Beldray 12-in-1 Multi-Functional Steam Cleaner (4.9 / 5)
● Very easy to use
● Very Flexible
● Long operating time
● Great 1st time steam cleaner

Beldray 10-in-1 Handheld Steam Cleaner (4.3 / 5)
● Very powerful
● Extremely portable
● Lot’s of attachments
● Can tackle most surfaces

Flexibility and Versatility

Beldray has been in the steam cleaning business for a few short years, but they have already hit on one of the most important aspects of steam cleaning a home: versatility. Each and every Beldray product we tested was designed to handle any mess you might find in your home. We found that the same product could handle everything from carpets to countertops and grout to table tops. Even fabrics and upholstery were fair game for these products. For that reason, we gave these products extra points since they incorporate a complete home-cleaning system without the need for multiple machines.

Easy Storage

Unlike the majority of steam cleaning products we tested, every Beldray we tested was either able to fold away for easy storage, or could have its attachments stored within the device itself. While a minor point to those with spacious storage space, this makes Beldrays a particularly good purchase for those with limited space in apartments or small houses. Most could be stored within a 10cmx10cm space, less than the average pair of shoes.

Power and Mobility

Beldrays hold a special place in our hearts because of the steam power output they are capable of while still retaining their portability and mobility. Lighter than many other products on the market, they nonetheless provide a wallop of steam power that puts many competitors to shame. The mop heads are designed to be small and mobile, allowing you to get into corners easily and efficiently. The power output is also there in spades, with some products doubling the steam power output of their competitors. This comes at a cost, however, as it requires more refills to clean the same amount of floor space. Still, it means that you will not have to go over the same area of floor twice to get sparkling results.

Handheld Is Best

As opposed to the traditional steam cleaning approach of producing a steam mop for floors and a detachable handheld device as an afterthought, Beldray focused on producing effective handheld devices first and foremost, then followed up with an attachable mop head for larger surface areas. Their handheld products are the best we tested, and their mobility makes cleaning light, fast and easy. They truly were a dream to use.

Great First Purchase

Despite all these benefits, Beldrays have remained an extremely affordable product. They are slightly more expensive than most first-time steam cleaners we tested (such as Hoovers and Pifcos), but we believe the extra spend is worthwhile. For 20% more, you get a steam cleaner that not only produces twice as much power, but is also more versatile, easier to store and (we believe) has a longer operational time. You will get more for your money with this brand.

If you are considering purchasing your first steam cleaner for in-home cleaning, we think this is a great place to start.