Efbe-Schott High Pressure Steam Cleaner - A Full Review

The Efbe-Schott High Pressure is a fantastic addition to the steam cleaning industry. It is the middle-ground between a powerful vapour steam cleaner and a flexible in-home general-purpose steam cleaner. It features a 3 bar pressure system which is strong enough to tackle most of your day-to-day cleaning needs. Unlike many steam cleaners we tested, this system resembles a traditional vacuum cleaner with an encased 1.7 L water boiler for long-term cleaning. This means you have a lot of runtime between refills, but it also makes the steam cleaner less manoeuvrable and flexible. It comes with a 1-year warranty covering domestic use, so there is no risk in trying out this powerful option.

The large water tank allows for over 40 minutes of operating time at full steam pressure. This was enough for us to cover the entire test surface we used easily, with time to spare. Attachments to the steam cleaner allow you to handle other surfaces like windows, upholstery, walls, floors and countertops with ease. Although the High Pressure was not as powerful as some of the other devices we tested, it was still strong enough to handle every “normal” cleaning activity you might expect in the typical home.

On the downside, this steam cleaner proved to be much heavier than most devices we tested. At 5 meters, it did not have the operating radius you might get with a handheld steam cleaner, nor did it feature the portability those devices provide. However, the biggest issue we had with it was that it did not come with a carpet-cleaning attachment. This limits the uses we could find for it, although it performed extremely well on surfaces it was designed for - namely tiled floors, windows and upholstery.

What We Love:

  • Powerful enough to handle everyday tasks
  • 40 minute runtime means you can handle your entire home without a refill
  • 1-year warranty

What Could Be Improved:

  • Small cleaning radius means more movement to get same surface area cleaned
  • Very heavy and not very portable
  • No carpet cleaning extension

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