Efbe-Schott Hipster Steam Cleaner - Full Review

The Efbe-Schott Hipster is an interesting addition to the steam cleaning industry. It is unlike anything else we tested and this made it a hit with our test team. Unlike many other steam cleaners on this site, it is uniquely suited to outdoor and mobile cleaning. Unlike traditional handheld steam cleaning devices, it is mounted on your back and ideally suited to portable, powerful steam cleaning. The key here is the power that this steam cleaner brings to the table. It is made to be used for overhead steam cleaning work, making it great for windows, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and cars. The big downside to this cleaner is that it is not ideally suited to floor cleaning, which is what most steam cleaners specialize in.

The Hipster steam cleaner was built with mobility and steam strength in mind. It has an extremely long extension cord, allowing you to reach every corner of your home. It also produces a ton of steam, making it great for outdoor cleaning such as windows, cars, and sidewalks. Several attachments allow you to clean the grout in your bathrooms and kitchens, and it can even be used for spot cleaning carpets, tiled floors and ovens. It is very portable and light, making it different from most high-power steamers we have used in the past. Even though it is very light, it has a huge water tank compared to most handheld steam cleaners. It is not without flaws, however.​

Unfortunately for the Hipster, it was not constructed with floor cleaning in mind. It does not feature a mop or carpet cleaning extension, making it practically useless for general-purpose floor cleaning. It is also very pressurized, meaning you want to make sure the mess you are about to clean is pretty significant, or it will feel like overkill. Keep this in mind for interior cleaning, as this steam cleaner produces a lot of steam. The layout of the machine also means that cleaning tiled floors can be tricky since it is made to be worn rather than transported along the ground like most steam cleaners. This is great for outdoor use but can be a bit of a hassle indoors. Overall, this is a fantastic steam cleaner when used for purposes it was designed for - outdoor cleaning, bathrooms, kitchens and windows. It is not made for floor use.​

What We Love:

  • Best outdoor steam cleaner we have ever tested
  • Built for car cleaning, window cleaning, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Extemely light, portable and easy to use
  • Excellent for spot-cleaning carpets and tiled floors

What Could Be Improved:

  • Not designed for floors
  • Might use more steam than necessary for indoor use
  • A poor choice for upholstery and hardwood floors

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