Efbe Schott Steam Cleaner Reviews

Efbe-Schott is another excellent steam cleaner brand that has established a reputation in the industry for quality machines that will last and provide excellent results. While their steam cleaners are not as powerful as many vapour steam cleaners on the market, they are also much more cost-effective and ideal for homeowners when it comes to everyday cleaning and flexibility. Each of their devices is fitted with multiple accessories which allow you to cover every surface in your home.

Industrial Steam Cleaning Power

Efbe-Schott is the one brand of products we tested that were specifically designed to be used in an industrial capacity. They are typically used on construction job sites to remove allergens and finish cleaning after work has been completed. This makes them particularly effective at removing tough, greasy messes around your home. There are a few factors that mark Efbe-Schott products from others we reviewed:

– Built to last

– Very simple to use

– Extremely powerful

Since these products are designed to be used in notoriously messy settings, it is no wonder that they performed so well in our tests. They performed better universally for their intended purposes – cleaning tough outdoor messes.

Ideal For Outdoor Use

Unlike many other brands on the market, Efbe-Schott manufactures their products specifically for outdoor purposes. They can also be used indoors for cleaning anything from tiled floors to furniture, but they truly shine when it comes to cleaning things like car engines, barbeques and sidewalks. We found they worked well for cleaning tough areas of bathrooms and kitchens like ovens or bathtubs.

Tough Products

Efbe-Schott developed a reputation for tough, long-lasting products during our tests. Unlike many other products, we found that they could sustain a lot of punishment and continue functioning perfectly. The price reflects this, as many Efbe-Schott steam cleaners are more expensive than their in-house competitors. That being said, if you know a steam cleaner will help with your everyday cleaning and want something that will last for years as opposed to months, this may be the best option for you.

Long Run Times

Another factor that marked Efbe-Schott apart from competitors is their ability to function for prolonged durations. Even the most basic products we reviewed functioned for over an hour on full steam power – something even the best alternatives could not compete with. It is very fair to say that Efbe-Schott is the performance steam cleaner that other brands want to be.

We have put together the results of several of our reviews for you to browse through. Take a look and see if one of these products might be right for your needs.