Fabric Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners designed for use with fabrics have been around for a while. That being said, it took a long time to perfect a system that allowed for a deep clean while simultaneously avoiding too much exposure to moisture. Today’s fabric steam cleaners are far and above some of the best to have ever been invented. They can come in handheld or full-system forms, allowing you to move around your home easily and thoroughly cleaning your furniture, drapes, clothing and towels.

These excellent cleaning machines give you an alternative to dusting on a regular basis, adding moisture to the air and removing additional particles from your home, limiting the amount of dust which collects and giving you a quick cleaning option that doesn’t involve chemicals of any kind.

When it comes to purchasing a steam cleaner for fabric, it is worth taking a look at vapour and handheld devices since they give you options both for portability and for “dry steaming”. The benefit of dry steaming is the production of high-pressured steam using as little water as possible. This limits the amount of water that makes its way into your furniture, which eliminates the risk of water damage that most water-based cleaning solutions have.

Ideal Steam Cleaners For Fabrics:



– Portable and lightweight for every situation
– Easy for localized cleaning
– Able to target problem areas


– Do not run for very long
– Some use too much water for effective cleaning
– Can damage some kinds of furniture and fabrics

Vapour Steam Cleaners


– High pressure systems allow for deep cleaning
– Run for a long time when compared to most steam cleaners
– Dry steaming can be used on any kind of fabric without risk of damage


– Heavier cleaning system
– Requires more energy
– Costs more than handheld devices