Full Review – Kärcher Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Karcher is a brand that is synonymous with efficiency and power when it comes to steam cleaners. They have developed a name for themselves by producing powerful, effective vapour steam cleaners that can be used for nearly any mess in your home. The Kärcher Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner continues in this tradition, and provided us with an excellent test product that performed very well in every test we subjected it to. When we tested it, we found we could operate the device for over 20 minutes without requiring a refill. Additionally, the separate boiler/mop setup of the Multi-Purpose means you can refill the tank even while it is being used, eliminating the need to wait for water to boil before use. For the price, we highly recommend testing out the Karcher Multi-Purpose for your general steam cleaning needs. It is flexible, lightweight and provides an excellent starting point for those interested in testing out steam cleaning options.

The Good:

To start with, the Karcher Multi-Purpose provides 3.5 bar pressure through a separated mop/boiler combination. We found this strong enough to power through almost any job we put in front of it. The adjustable steam control gave us just the right amount of steam depending on the work we needed it to do.. Even when we did have to conduct a refill, the Multi-Purpose has a continuous steam function which permits you to refill the water even as the device is producing more steam. This eliminated the wait times most steam cleaners have after refills and helped cut down on our overall cleaning times, particularly for larger rooms.

We really liked the price of the Multi-Purpose. For the same price as most steam mops, it provides you with steam jets that are twice as powerful and eliminates the waiting associated with waiting for heat up. We were also impressed by the 2-year guarantee that comes with the product. Karcher is known to stand behind their products and this is a rarity that most steam cleaning manufacturers do not provide. This makes it ideal as a first-time steam cleaning purchase as you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth and the product itself is among the better ones we tested.

The Bad:

Although there is much to say for the Karcher Multi-Purpose, it does have some shortcomings. With a relatively small 500 mL water tank, regular refills will be a necessity. Although the continuous steam function makes this a relatively minor issue, it will require you to make regular trips for water adding to your cleaning times. The hose only extends 4 metres in any direction, meaning larger rooms will require you to move the boiler regularly.

One of the bigger shortcomings of the Karcher Multi-Purpose is that it does not feature a carpet-gliding attachment. This limits the number of places it can be used effectively although we found that it worked great on tiled floors and countertops. Depending on whether your home has a lot of carpet or not may determine whether or not this is the right product for you. To add to this point, the Multi-Purpose is not ideal for outdoor use. This is normal for most steam cleaning products, but it is something that limits its abilities.

What We Love:

– Very powerful
– Great for nearly every surface in your home
– Continuous steam function means no waiting for heat-up
– Extremely lightweight and flexible
– Can be used on fabrics and upholstery

What Can Be Improved:

– Water tank is small and requires regular refills
– Extension hose extends only 4 metres and limits mobility
– Can’t be used on carpets or outdoors