H2O Mop X5 5 in 1 Portable Steam Mop

The H2O X5 Steam Mop is the perfect combination of steam mop and handheld steam cleaner. it is designed as a multi-purpose cleaning tool which can cover wide expanses of floor or be leveraged to tackle jobs such as countertops, grout cleaning or windows. It can also be used to steam clean fabrics, upholstery and clothing in its handheld form. We loved many things about this product when we tested it. Above all stand the run time and power of this device, along with the price and its’ ability to get into difficult areas easily. It is lightweight and features many attachments which can be used for nearly any job you need to accomplish.

The Good:

At 30 minutes of run time, the steam power of the X5 lasts far longer than almost all of the other steam mops we tested. It comes with a large number of attachments which allow it to handle dirt and grime on anything from carpets to tiled floors and from countertops to ovens, windows and grout. The mop head swivels extremely well and the light weight of the X5 allows you to corner and contour every inch of your home easily. Unlike many steam cleaners we tested, the X5 features a 6 metre power cord, giving you flexibility and mobility for large rooms in your home.

We were also impressed with the power output of the X5. It kicks out the steam power equivalent of many vapour steam cleaners we tested but without the bulk, weight or trailing boiler of many steam cleaning products on the market. Additionally, a huge value point for us was the price of the X5. It is a very high-quality machine for the price, and we estimate that it will last longer than most products on the market assuming you take good care of it.​

The Bad:

Unfortunately, the X5 does have some drawbacks. Although the handheld component of the machine is capable of cleaning upholstery and fabric using the fabric attachment, we found that it used a lot more water than floors required. This was problematic for 2 reasons:

– The upholstery was subjected to a lot of water, which left it damp after use
​- The X5 ran out of water more quickly, requiring more refills

Some reviews we browsed found that the thermostat of the X5 was particularly troublesome. In some cases it misrepresented the temperature of the water in the tank, causing users to spray water over their floors or upholstery rather than steam. In other cases, the thermostat failed completely, requiring users to determine when the steam cleaner was operational rather than being told when it was by the machine itself.

While the X5 has a long run time due to its sizeable water tank, refilling and reheating was a bit of a chore. Unlike some handheld steam cleaners we tested, the X5 lags behind in heating time, requiring somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes to be ready for use. Compared to some products that required less than 30 seconds, this is a significant setback.​

What We Love:

– Seems to produce steam forever, very long run time
– Very flexible, light and mobile for nearly any mess in your home
– Perfect for small rooms with a lot of furniture
– Can be used on any surface
– Very powerful

What Could Be improved:

– Heat up times can delay cleaning significantly
– Thermostat has been identified as a common issue by user reviews
– Handheld component not great for use on upholstery