Hoover Steam Cleaner Reviews

Hoover has been a brand associated with cleaning the home for generations. Moving from vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies to steam cleaners was a big step, but it is something the company has taken to and are now producing some very efficient and effective steam cleaning devices. We have taken the time to put together information on 3 of our favourite Hoover steam cleaning machines – 2 steam mops and 1 handheld steam cleaner – to help you with making your home a cleaner, more sanitary place for your loved ones.
What Makes Hoover DifferentWhen it comes to steam cleaning brands, Hoover is not necessarily the first name that comes to mind. They are a relative late-comer to the steam cleaning game, although they have come through with some powerful and efficient devices that span the gap from floor-only steam mops to spot cleaning handheld devices and mixed 2-in-1 steam cleaning systems. Each of the devices we tested had their own strengths and weaknesses, but generally speaking each of these products had 3 things in common:

  • They were designed with a specific task in mind
  • They were very affordable
  • They were well-received by users on all forums

These are points we like to see for any steam cleaning brand. It tells us that the brand knows what it wants to accomplish with each product it manufactures, wants to satisfy customers, and produces good cleaning systems. We found this to be true during testing, where we identified Hoover products as being particularly effective at completing the tasks for which they were designed.

Specialized Products For Specialized Tasks

Although each product below is specialized to take care of specific tasks around the house, they are all very well-priced and as part of a steam cleaning combination can tackle every task in your home. Although there are other products such as vapour steam cleaners that are capable of multi-purpose steam cleaning, they are not specialized to any specific task which can reduce their effectiveness versus Hoover’s line of products.

Of course, having 1 tool that can accomplish all tasks may seem like a better option, especially from a storage perspective. However, we also found that this lineup of Hoover products were less expensive than their multi-purpose competitors, and had specialized uses which allowed them to outperform their competitors as part of a cleaning arsenal. In other words, a multi-purpose solution is kind of like fitting a round peg into a square hole, while Hoover has focused on producing the right peg for the right hole for a fit that works wonders in your home.

These Hoover products were chosen based on their ability to clean, their operational time, their cost and additional considerations such as the weight, ease of use or flexibility of each device. After many hours of detailed review, the steam cleaners on this pare are our top picks for the best Hoover steam cleaners.