Hoover SteamJet Dual Head Steam Mop - A Full Review

The Hoover SteamJet Dual Head Steam Mop is a great addition to the Hoover steam cleaner family. it is designed with ease of use and maximum coverage in mind. It boasts a 700 mL water tank (about twice the size of the standard steam mop water tank) and heats up within 30 seconds to allow for quick cleaning wherever you are in your home. It has an operating radius of 8 meters and can run for 20 minutes without needing additional water.

The Good:​

The Hoover SteamJet Dual Head Steam Mop is great as a general-purpose cleaning tool for floors. It provides a wide area of coverage, can be used for a long time, and provides excellent cleaning ability for hardwood and tiled floors. There is even a carpet adapter that allows you to use this great device to freshen up carpets and washable pads so you don’t have to constantly buy new cleaning supplies. To top it all off, it is remarkably maneuverable for a steam mop that holds as much water as it does.

We found it particularly useful due to its long run time, long power cord and the power it is capable of producing. It also heats up very quickly, so refill times are kept to a minimum. It is clear that the SteamJet Dual Head was created with flexibility and everyday cleaning in mind. It is perfect for homeowners looking to minimize cleaning times for hardwood and tiled floors. It can even be used for carpets using its carpet gliding tool. This is rare for a steam cleaning product, so we felt it worth mentioning.

The Bad:​

However, not everything about the SteamJet Dual Head is perfect. It does not feature a handheld attachment, which severely limits its ability to work on multiple surfaces. We only found it useful for floors. Even though it was spectacular on floors, it failed our flexibility test when it came to other surfaces in the home. Beyond this limitation, it actually functions remarkably well. It is just limited in scope when it comes to what it is capable of handling.

In short, the Hoover SteamJet Dual Head Steam Mop is ideal as a floor-specific steam mop due to its powerful steam production, long run time and versatile design which covers every kind of floor imaginable. It is not useful for any other surface of the home, however, so keep in mind what you are looking for before making a purchase.

What We Love:

  • Great for general-purpose floor cleaning
  • Quick start up time for quick cleaning
  • 20 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time

What Could Be Improved:

  • Cannot convert into handheld steam cleaner
  • Limited in its applications
  • Same price as many steam mops that can convert to handheld

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