Hoover SteamJet Express Handheld Steam Cleaner

The Hoover SteamJet Express is a portable little steam cleaner which is designed to get into small, cramped areas and perform the job of cleaning them with minimal time spent on heat-up or refills. It has the advantage of being a handheld steam cleaner, making it very light and easy to use, with a simple trigger-use system.

It is among the most powerful handheld steam cleaners we reviewed and produces a significant amount of steam, despite having a relatively small water tank when compared to vapour steam cleaners.

The Good:

The Hoover SteamJet Express has a lot going for it. It is extremely compact in the way most handheld steam cleaners are. It provides a lot of steam power for its size, and can be operated for up to 15 consecutive minutes without the need for a refill. It is also very flexible as it can be used for spot-cleaning carpets or as a general-purpose cleaning option for countertops, windows, grout or appliances. We even found it useful when defrosting a freezer quickly and efficiently.

In terms of heat-up time, the SteamJet Express is ready to use in less than 30 seconds, making it one of the faster steam cleaners we found to go from refill to work. It comes with a number of accessories which make general above-floor cleaning a breeze. Additionally, the price alone makes this steam cleaner a great choice as a first-time steam cleaner purchase. With it, you will know whether or not steam cleaners are an effective method for cleaning your home without breaking the bank in the process.

The Bad:

While the price is right and there are a lot of great things to be said about it, the SteamJet Express has the shortcomings of many handheld steam cleaners. For one, it has a very limited water tank capacity, which will make refills unavoidable for large-scale cleaning jobs. This limits the number of jobs it is able to accomplish and removes the ability to clean large surfaces like floors and carpets efficiently. A few reviews we browsed also claim that the attachments such as the wire brushes do not stand up under extended use, although we found no indication of this.

What We Love:

– Very lightweight and easy to use
– Powerful enough for general-purpose cleaning
– Heats up very quickly and no wait times to continue cleaning
– Great for spot-cleaning spills on carpets and floors
– Can be used on almost all surfaces including windows, grout, countertops
– Well-priced

What Can Be Improved:

– Limited water capacity means more refills required for larger cleaning jobs
– Not ideal for large-scale cleaning jobs
– Difficult to use on wide areas of carpet or tiled floors