Industrial Steam Cleaners - The Details

Finding a vapour steam cleaner with industrial cleaning power can be extremely difficult. Many steam cleaners on the market today are built for residential use and simply don’t have the dirt-fighting power to be used in industrial settings. However, we have managed to identify and test out several industrial cleaners and we have tallied the results of our findings to help you with selecting the right cleaner for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a powerful industrial steam cleaner for grimy do-it-yourself projects or you want to thoroughly clean your work site, here are a couple of industrial steam cleaners that might fit the bill:

The Best Industrial Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 

The Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 is a terrific industrial-strength vapour steam cleaner that can be used for any tough grit and grime project. At 4.5 bar pressure and 110 g/min water output, this is one of the most powerful vapour steam cleaners we have ever tested. It has earned the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, and remains a key element in any allergen-cleaning work you wish to conduct. Using high-pressure steam, the Eco Pro 3.0 can eliminate dust mites, bacteria, some viruses and many allergy-causing pollutants that build up in your home or workplace.

In our review, we put the Eco Pro 3.0 to the test. We put it up against a greased car engine, an old barbeque and second-level windows. The grease from the car engine came off immediately, easily returning the shine as if it was brand new. The old barbeque barely put up a fight and shone within 30 minutes. The second level windows might have presented a challenge to another machine, but we were able to use the hose extension in order to reach the windows and safely clean them without having to use a ladder. The system can operate non-stop for about 45 minutes, so it is capable of taking on most jobs you can think of for it.

If there was one significant disadvantage the Eco Pro 3.0 has against its competition, it is the time it takes to heat up the water. At 11 minutes, this could be very annoying if the job only takes 5 or 10 minutes to complete. That being said, with 2 litres of water and 45 minutes of operating time, it makes sense that the heating process would be longer than most comparable machines.

What We Love:

The most powerful industrial steam cleaner we could find

2L water tank capacity, 45 minutes of run time

Can handle literally anything you put in front of it

What Could Be Improved:

A bit pricey unless you need a steam cleaner with extended use capability

Takes a long time to heat up water (11 minutes)

The Kärcher Industrial 

Karcher’s industrial steam cleaner is a slightly different animal than most of the industrial steam cleaners we encountered. This is the big vapour steam cleaner in the arena, and has an operational time that far surpasses anything else we reviewed. With over 4.6 litres of water capacity in its twin tanks, we clocked the maximum usage time at just over 1.5 hours. Compared to most steam cleaners, this number is in a league all its own. At 3.2 bar pressure, it is not setting any records compared to Polti’s Eco Pro 3.0. That being said, with double the operating time, it is ideal for industrial cleaning where the goal is to cover as much ground as possible, rather than to blast the extremely thick dirt, grease and oil.

With assorted attachments, a 2.7 meter long hose and a 4 meter reach, this bad boy will do everything you need it to and more. We found it great for medium-level sterilizing and sanitizing and for covering large areas without the need to refill and re-heat the water, making it very useful for large-scale projects.

The one major fault we had with the machine was the price. Set in a weight class all alone, this machine is priced to match and is probably more than we would consider paying just for the usage time alone when there are more powerful vapour steam cleaners on the market for much more reasonable prices. That being said, every machine has an ideal use, and this one is no different. If you need a lot of light and medium-scale industrial cleaning, this is your best bet.

What We Love:

The longest run time of any machine we tested by far

Powerful enough to handle most industrial messes

Has a long reach for overhead jobs

What Could Be Improved:

Very expensive compared to other industrial steam cleaners

Can be very heavy when fully loaded

Not as powerful as other models we reviewed

Kärcher Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Just as the name suggests, the Karcher Multi-Purpose is designed with flexibility in mind. It is a much lighter version of the Industrial Steam cleaner they produce, trading usage time for weight and power for mobility. Unlike its behemoth cousin, the multi-purpose only carries a modest amount of water: half a litre. It still kicks out 3.2 bar of pressure to a distance of 4 meters, but has lost out on a lot of the value of the Industrial Steam Cleaner produced by Karcher. On the plus side, the reduction in water capacity in the tank also makes it exceptionally light for an industrial cleaner. This makes it ideally suited to quick, small industrial cleaning jobs where a lot of power is needed in a concentrated area.

Although the Multi-Purpose does not carry as much water as you might want from an industrial vapour steam cleaner, it does have mobility, weight and power on its side. It is ideally suited to a quick move-and-clean job requiring significant power. Additionally, the price is right when it comes to what you get as part of the deal. Although you give up the ability for long-term use, simply re-filling the tank and allowing the water to heat up (approximately 3 minutes) will give you about 25 minutes of constant steam production.

What We Love:

Quick heat up time

Very light and mobile

Powerful enough to handle most jobs

What Could Be Improved:

Very little water capacity

Not as powerful as other machines we reviewed

Very little usage capability

Hopefully with our reviews of the best industrial steam cleaners we tested, you can make an informed purchasing decision and find the right industrial steam cleaner for your specific needs. Take a look at our reviews of the best handheld steam cleaners.