Morphy Richards Luna 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner - Full Review

The Morphy Richards Luna is a great device for everyday floor cleanups. We loved the options it provided from the vibrating floor pad to help scoop up as much dirt as possible to the illuminated floorhead, which helps you see into those dark corners. It also breaks down into a portable handheld steam cleaner when necessary which can be mounted on your shoulder with a strap harness, allowing you mobility and flexibility when it comes to cleaning your home from top to bottom. Multiple steam modes allow you to change the power of the steam stream to suit the job you are taking on. There are also a series of attachments specifically designed to help you with any cleaning task you have in front of you.

As with other Morphy Richards steam cleaners, the water tank is pretty big and allows you to fill up while you work without any waiting for heat up. Since these heat up periods bite into your cleanup times, we found this saved us a lot of time during the test period. The device works for up to 17 minutes when on full-steam power, which gives you a fair amount of cleaning time when compared to other devices. The tank contains about 430 mL of water in one sitting, giving you enough water to get through most day-to-day cleaning jobs.

There were not many shortcomings when it came to this device. Although the runtime is a bit shorter than we might have liked, it beats most industry standards. The handheld device can be a bit cumbersome if not mounted on your shoulder with the strap harness, but this is a minor inconvenience when it comes to steam cleaners. The illumination and vibrating floorhead are nice touches, but we can see the device failing after prolonged use if these functions are used regularly. That being said, we found this to be a solid addition to any homeowner’s cleaning arsenal.

What We Love:

  • Vibrating head makes short work of serious dirt deposits
  • Illuminated floorhead is a great touch as it gives perspective for deep clean
  • Shoulder-mounted handheld device is a great addition

What Could Be Improved:

  • 17 minutes of run time may not be enough for a full house cleaning
  • Lots of moving parts *may* cause device to break down sooner than others

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