Pifco 10-in-1 Steam Mop

As far as steam mop/handheld steam cleaner combinations go, the Shark 2 in 1 is a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to make their regular cleaning regimen a bit faster and easier. The mop function is terrific for regular cleanups, ensuring the floor is fresh and clean with no allergens present. The handheld breakaway section is excellent for cleaning tasks around the house including tiled and hardwood floors, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture. We have even heard of people using it to defrost their freezers.

With a 400mL water tank, the 10-in-1 Steam Mop is very average in terms of runtime and the need to refill for steam cleaning devices. It requires a heat-up time of about 30 seconds, which is a bit slower than the industry average of 20 seconds. That being said, the primary talking point here is the price. Depending on the brand you buy, this device is about 5 times cheaper than the average steam mop/handheld detachment equivalent. This makes it an excellent entry-level steam-cleaner and one we would suggest you try out before moving on to larger purchases.

That being said, with lower price comes less functionality. We felt that this steam mop was put together less solidly than most steam mops we tested, and therefore is more likely to fail. Based on our experience, we estimate that this product will likely last for about a year of consistent use before needing to be replaced. Most products we tested average between 3 and 7 years of active service, so this is not a bad deal with all factors considered. The two big disadvantages it features are a relatively small service area (about 5 metres) and the fact that it is not really made for cleaning carpets. All being said and done, if you live in a typical house and do not need a miracle-working steam cleaner, this is probably the right product for you – especially as a starting item.

What We Love:

– Very easy to use
– Great starting steam cleaner
– Extremely affordable

What Can Be Improved:

– A bit flimsy compared to other steam mops
– Not made for carpets
– Requires regular refills