Pifco Handheld Steam Cleaner - Full Review

The Pifco Handheld steam cleaner is a great little machine for the first-time steam cleaner buyer. There is no guesswork involved in the operation of this machine, and it provides a decent steam flow and run time. With a 350mL water tank, there is enough water for you to take care of the spot-cleaning duties around your home. It is great for window cleaning, bathrooms and kitchens, and spot-cleaning carpets. You could also use it for grout, tiled floors, countertops and furniture, although we don’t strongly recommend it’s use on upholstery.

Although relatively underpowered when compared to many handheld steam cleaners on the market, the Pifco Handheld steam cleaner produces enough steam to get through the majority of household tasks such as sinks, bathtubs, grout, windows, spot-cleaning floors, tables and countertops. It has a functional operating time of about 12 minutes of steam production which is enough for basic cleaning on a day-to-day basis. It can easily be refilled for longer cleaning periods. Attachments are provided with the steam cleaner allowing you to tackle different household tasks as they appear. The biggest benefit of this steam cleaner is its incredibly reasonable cost. It is easily the most effective steam cleaner we tested for the price.

As you might expect, there are some negatives to a basic handheld steam cleaner. It is not as powerful as many alternatives on the market, and the small water tank requires regular filling if you are tackling a lot of cleaning jobs throughout the house. In our opinion, some of the attachments are flimsy, which might lead to failures over the long term. Despite these disadvantages, it is well-priced so you are not taking a very large risk to determine whether or not a steam cleaner is right for you. However, if you decide that you like this device we would strongly suggest getting a more powerful alternative.

Our Rating: 4.0/5

What We Love:

Very light and portable

Powerful for its size

Very affordable

What Can Be Improved:

Needs to be refilled regularly

Very small runtime

Attachments are not built to last

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