Pifco Steam Cleaner Reviews

Pifco is a relatively new brand in the steam cleaning industry and has produced several general-purpose steam cleaning products designed for in-home use. We found these products to be built for light use and general home cleanups. In general, they do not feature the power of other brands and products we found. However, they are extremely cost-effective and can take care of most jobs you would ask of them. If you do not own a steam cleaner, these are a great first step to determine whether you are better off with or without one at a fair price.

Very Affordable

Pifco products tend to be on the more affordable side of the price scale. This does not mean they sacrifice quality for price – it simply means that they have cheaper products with less bells and whistles. Pifco has focused on providing the bare necessities when it comes to steam cleaning options with pricing to match. We like to refer to them as an entry-level steam cleaning choice since they show the power and benefits of steam cleaners but are not as powerful as alternatives from other brands.

Easy To Use

Unlike some other steam cleaning products we have tested, Pifco produces very simple, easy-to-understand steam cleaning systems that are basically ready to go straight out of the box. This makes them ideal for less mechanically-minded homeowners who simply want something that will make their cleaning tasks easier. The Handheld Steam Cleaner in particular was a simple “point-and-spray” system that required no construction and very little maintenance. It was great for spot cleaning small areas such as countertops and tables.

Lightweight and Portable

Pifco products also proved to be much lighter than many steam cleaners we tested, whether in handheld or steam mop form. We felt this merited recognition since steam cleaners can be very clumsy and heavy once they are filled with water. However, the Pifco products listed here were both well-balanced and capable of producing decent steam power for their size.

General-Purpose Steam Cleaners

Pifco also seems to have focused on producing general-purpose products that can used in nearly any situation. They are not necessarily the best in any particular aspect of steam cleaning (power, run time, water tank storage), but they are pretty good in all of these aspects. Although they are not specialized in the same way Hoover or Efbe-Schott products are, they are much more versatile, making them a great addition to any cleaning arsenal.