Polti Steam Cleaner Reviews

Polti steam cleaners have generated a reputation for powerful vapour steam cleaners in the last several years, and remain one of the top producers of all vapour steam cleaners in the world. They specialize in vapour steam cleaners and have many products available on the market. Unlike many other brands we have reviewed, they showcase very few steam mops and handheld steam cleaners. Although the products Polti manufactures are larger and more cumbersome than your traditional steam mops and handhelds, these vapour steam cleaners are much more powerful and reliable their their general-purpose cousins.

To help you decide if Polti is the right brand for you I recommend that you spend some time reading the reviews below of each model to give you a better look into advantages and disadvantages of each machine. There is no one size fits all when deciding as it will massively depend on what you intend on using it for, for example, if you want to use it to clean your kitchen cupboards you’re going to want a different machine than if you wanted to use it for upholstery. So decide what you are going to use it for the most and what key characteristics you want. We have summarised some of the main advantages of each machine in the table below but if you like the looks of a specific machine you can read a more in-depth review by clicking the orange button that says ‘jump to review’.

As you can see from the pictures Polti favour two designs, one designed with a caddy and a handle much like henry hoovers. At first I was worried that they would be hard to maneuver but I didn’t run into that issue and quite liked the fact that I didn’t have to carry the weight of the whole unit while cleaning like some units where you have a strap around your back.

The other design is one that you carry the unit in one hand and the steamer in the other, again I had no issues with Polti’s design and it really comes down to personal preference, an elderly lady I know prefered the first design where as my mother prefered the second. What I also like is the large selection of accessories that you can pick from which are easily replaced if need be, each specialised accessory just makes the overall job of cleaning your house that little bit easier as often they will have something specific for the job you are wanting to do.

All in all these Polti devices have really impressed us for years and is a brand we are happy to recommend to you. We feel that they are a great entry point for the vapour style machines, they suit a variety of budgets with the cheapest being around £70 going all the way to £200+.

We hope that our reviews are informative and help you to decide which cleaner to buy, we want to pass on the benefit of our experience to you so you can maximize your effectiveness when you clean your home. With less bacteria, dust and allergens floating around, you can rest assured that not only will you have to clean less often, but your home will be safer for your loved ones too.