Polti Vaporetto Go Steam Cleaner

Featuring 3.5 bar pressure and the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation, the Vaporetto Go is a great choice for cleaning allergens out of your home and ensuring your surfaces are sanitized. We particularly like the shoulder strap attachment which allows you to make the device portable and transport it with you while performing your daily cleaning. This eliminates the traditional problem of transporting vapour steam cleaners around your home, and makes cleaning a breeze.

The Good:

We found the Polti Vaporetto Go to be a great multi-purpose steam cleaner capable of tackling significant messes in nearly any situation. It is one of the few steam cleaners we tested to have specific attachments designed for outdoor use. Pieces such as the Lance and window-washer attachments made easy work of concentrated grime on outdoor surfaces and windows respectively. Additional attachments such as the Spatula came in particular use when it came to lifting caked-on messes from ovens or mud from tiled floors. We really enjoyed the wide spectrum of attachments which all functioned flawlessly.

The Go is specifically designed to handle floors easily and effectively. For the price, there is no better steam cleaner when it comes to covering tiled or hardwood floors. Bathrooms and kitchens are also a breeze as grout can be cleaned easily using the grout brush attachment. The device features a decent run time at over 25 minutes, and is pretty light and flexible. The continuous steam function allows you to refill the water and immediately get back to cleaning. The Go is an excellent addition to any cleaning arsenal.

The Bad:

Although we loved using the Go, it did not excel in every criteria we set out. Although it seems to have an attachment for nearly every task you can think of, it does not feature a carpet glider, which makes cleaning carpets incredibly difficult. Although it can be used for fabric and upholstery, this is not the ideal use for the Go. We found many other vapour steam cleaners that could handle this task more efficiently. The limited water tank also means that regular fill-ups will be required in order to cover the surface area of a large home.

The Go does not have a particularly long hose which means coverage can be a bit difficult when attempting to clean larger rooms. At 6 Kg (before water), it is also one of the heavier vapour steam cleaners we tested. Although it is fairly mobile, this is a consideration if you do not wish to move heavy items while cleaning.

What We Love:

– Enormous selection of attachments
– No heat-up time
– Can be used in almost every room of the house
– Strong enough for medium/heavy messes

What Can Be Improved:

– More costly than steam mops and handheld steam cleaners
– Can’t be used on carpets and not ideal for upholstery
– More cumbersome than steam mops and handheld steam cleaners