Polti Vaporetto Smart Airplus Steam Cleaner

The Polti Vaporetto Smart Airplus steam cleaner is a great little steam cleaner designed with easy use and full-home cleaning flexibility in mind. There are plenty of attachments which let you cover all areas of your home from tiled floors to carpets and upholstery. Polti’s dry steam technology means you get the deep clean you want without any leftover water residue on your floors. It is particularly effective at killing unwanted bacteria and removing allergens from your home.

The Good:

The Polti Vaporetto Smart Airplus Steam Cleaner functions as a fairly powerful vapour steam cleaner whose primary selling points are its run time and affordability. We particularly enjoyed the 1.6 L water tank as it allowed us to run the Smart Airplus for over 45 minutes in a single setting, making cleaning faster since it does not require any refills. Even if a refill was required, the continuous steam system heats the water up so quickly that you do not have to pause for the water to re-heat. This makes the Smart Airplus an excellent choice for the homeowner that wants to complete their everyday cleaning as efficiently and quickly as possible.

In addition to the run time, we found the water output of the Smart Airplus to be an excellent choice for cleaning hard surfaces such as countertops, tiled floors, bathrooms and kitchens. It comes with a huge number of attachments which are specialized to different tasks around the home including windows, grout and floors. There are multiple sizes of brush attachments for full floor coverage or for tight work in the corners. On of the benefits of the Smart Airplus is that it contains a fragrance dispenser that can be used while you clean, leaving the room smelling fresh after it has been sanitized. We found it to be a nice touch and not one that many steam cleaners provide. Finally, the biggest plus for us regarding the Smart Airplus is its price. It costs about the same as a traditional steam mop, but features much more power and run time, and has the same level of flexibility with regards to steam cleaning tasks it can take on.​

The Bad:​

The Polti Vaporetto Smart Airplus is a good vapour steam cleaner, although there are some improvements we would make to it. For one, the 3 bar pressure it provides is merely an industry average, which results in average cleaning power. It functions well for everyday cleaning, but outdoor cleaning such as car wheels, barbeques and sidewalks or driveways are out of the question. It is also missing a carpet glider, making it a difficult tool to use with regards to carpets. It can still spot clean stains but for everyday cleaning, you should get a different steam cleaner if your house features primarily carpet.

One other issue we found while testing the Smart Airplus is that it kicks out 85 grams of steam per minute. This is higher than many other steam cleaners on the market. Although this makes it ideal for tackling tough grease on tiled surfaces, it also means that it will struggle to produce dry steam which is ideal for use on upholstery and fabrics. It can still be used on these surfaces, but it will leave behind a lot of water which will damage furniture if it is used immediately after cleaning. Despite these shortcomings, we found it to be an excellent everyday vapour steam cleaner.

What We Love:​

– Built for everyday cleaning
– Fragrance dispenser is a nice touch
– Great at removing allergens from your home
– Long run time
– Very affordable

What Could Be Improved:

– No carpet glider
– Shouldn’t be used on upholstery or fabrics
– Does not have the power to get through really tough messes

These Polti devices have impressed us for years and we want to pass on the benefit of our experience to you so you can maximize your effectiveness when you clean your home. With less bacteria, dust and allergens floating around, you can rest assured that not only will you have to clean less often, but your home will be safer for your loved ones too.