Polti Vapouretto 950 Steam Cleaner Review

The Polti Vaporetto 950 is a terrific medium-strength vapour steam cleaner that does everything you ask of it and more. At 3.5 bar pressure, it has enough steam power to clean out the tougher dirt and grime in your home, yet remains gentle enough to treat fabrics, furniture and upholstery without concern for its long-term well-being. As with other Polti devices, it comes with a series of attachments that allow you to take care of the majority of household tasks without any issues.

The Good:

The Polti Vaporetto 950 is a medium-power vapour steam cleaner that has been developed to be as cost-effective as possible. We were particularly impressed with the power it was able to deliver with 3.5 bar pressure. This places it above most comparable steam cleaners on the pressure front, since the industry average for vapour steam cleaners is 3 bar pressure. The 950 therefore produces more power and is able to tackle tougher messes than most vapour steam cleaners on the market. It comes with a number of attachments that are specially designed to tackle different types of jobs such as windows, countertops, grout and tiled floors. It has a run time of about 30 to 35 minutes, which we found is typically enough to cover the majority of a small home.

The main selling point of the 950 is that it provides a lot of power for a very affordable price. It is about 3 times less expensive than most traditional vapour steam cleaners, yet showcases more power than the majority of them. Due to the pressure and the system it uses, the 950 produces an excellent dry steam stream, meaning it can easily be used for upholstery and fabrics, or to spot clean carpets. It was designed to be an entry-level vapour steam cleaner to help homeowners make a decision as to whether a steam cleaner is necessary for their everyday cleaning. We think it functions well, and if taken care of, will last for years and work flawlessly each time.

The Bad:

Although there is nothing inherently “bad” about the 950, it does come with some drawbacks. It does not feature the same continuous steam function as many vapour steam cleaners, meaning that it has to be shut down to be refilled and then allowed to re-heat in order to produce steam. This adds time to your cleaning regimen, although it is typically ready to go within 3 or 4 minutes after a refill. In terms of mobility, the 950 does not feature a shoulder strap or harness. This means that mobility may be an issue if you have to reach high corners in your room.

One other issue we had with the 950 is that it does not come with a carpet gliding attachment. This means that it is difficult to use effectively over large carpeted surfaces, which limits its potential usefulness to homeowners with carpeted homes. By and large, it works very well for the jobs it was designed for – tiled surfaces, windows, kitchens and bathrooms.

What We Love:

– More powerful than most vapour steam cleaners
– Very efficient at jobs it is designed for
– Pretty good run time for the size of the water tank
– Extremely well-priced
– Good general purpose steam cleaner

What Can Be Improved:

– No carpet glider attachment
– No continuous steam control
– No shoulder strap for easy mobility