Polti Vapouretto Comfort Steam Cleaner

The Polti Vaporetto Comfort is a vapour steam cleaner which specializes on dry steam – an aspect of steam cleaning designed for use with fibres and fabrics which limits the amount of water used for the cleaning process, thereby keeping furniture, upholstery and clothing intact for longer, regardless of cleaning method.

It functions equally well when used on tiled or hardwood floors, and features child-safety locks so you don’t have to worry about your children playing with a potentially dangerous cleaning tool.

The Good:

The Polti Vaporetto Comfort Steam Cleaner was designed with user experience in mind. It is very small and compact, making it ideal for easy storage and for quick or everyday cleaning needs. It also features a very useful accessory storage compartment, meaning the entire device can be stored in the corner of a closet with ease. Speaking of accessories, the Comfort brings over 8 distinct and specialized attachments designed for everything from windows to upholstery. Despite its small size, it produces 3 bar pressure which is sufficient for most cleaning needs you are likely to have in your home.

A huge point we would bring up regarding the Comfort is that it is extremely affordable for a vapour steam cleaner. At about half the price of the typical steam mop, you get a vapour steam cleaner with twice the power and run time, making cleaning a much easier proposition. It has a 1.6 L water tank which means fewer refills and the ability to complete your entire cleaning list in one sitting. It is also very light and mobile, making it the perfect steam cleaner for apartments and lofts.

The Bad:

Although the Comfort has a lot going for it, it loses out when it comes to power and flexibility. Although it can run for up to an hour on a single tank of water, the steam it produces has lower pressure than many comparable vapour steam cleaners. It is light but the addition of water will make it fairly heavy once full. It also does not feature a carpet glider, making it unable to tackle large carpeted areas. We also do not suggest it for outdoor use.

In addition, the steam hose does not extend as far as many other vapour steam cleaners on the market. It is light and can produce significant power for everyday tasks like cleaning tiled floors, but it is found to be lacking with regard to carpets and upholstery, since it uses a lot of water. Lastly, with regard to storage, we found it very frustrating that the power cord was not retractable. Although the attachments store very easily within the compartment the power cord can get in the way of other items within your closet.

What We Love:

– Perfect for tiled floors, countertops and windows
– Very easy to store
– Very long run time
– Dry steam technology leaves surfaces dry after cleaning

What Can Be Improved:

– Not as powerful as many other vapour steam cleaners
– Power cord does not retract
– Great for everyday cleaning, not great for outdoors or carpets
– No carpet glider attachment