Polti Vapouretto Eco Pro 3.0 Steam Cleaner

At 4.5 bar pressure, this powerful Polti steam cleaner is ready for anything you throw at it. 2L water tank capacity means you can cover your entire home without constant refills, and the range of attachments that come with the device make it ideal for total house cleaning, regardless of the scope of the job or the intensity of the cleaning required. The runtime of this device is 45 minutes – more than enough time to handle just about any steam cleaning you need to handle.

The Good:

The Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 has a lot of amazing features that we loved while we were testing it. To start with, the Eco Pro 3.0 features one of the largest water tanks of any steam cleaner we tested, and the resulting run time is simply ridiculous. We operated it for over 90 minutes and still had steam to spare. It is also one of the most powerful steam cleaners we tested at 4.5 bar pressure. This made it a dream to operate since it could be used in the toughest scenarios and still pull through without any difficulty whatsoever.

In fact, the Eco Pro 3.0 is ideal for the toughest cleaning jobs you can think of since it uses a lot of water when producing steam. At 110 grams per minute, it destroys every other steam cleaner on the market. We found it to be great for outdoor work as well as indoor, with car engines, wheel rims and barbeques being some objects we tested it on. With multiple attachments for any specialized task you can think of, the Eco Pro 3.0 was designed to tackle every cleaning task easily and efficiently.

The Bad:

Although there are very few negatives we can say about the Eco Pro 3.0, it does have some shortcomings. The key problem we had with it was that it does not come with a carpet gliding attachment for use on carpeted floors. Given the multitude of tasks it can handle without any problems this may seem relatively minor, but we would have liked to see it so we could tackle large carpeted areas. It is still a very effective spot cleaning option for carpets, however.

The other issue that a homeowner might run across with the Eco Pro 3.0 is its water output. Although it is designed to be used with upholstery and fabric, the sheer amount of water it produces may leave many fabric surfaces damp after cleaning is complete. In the short term this is fine as it will kill dust mites and allergens, but over the long term this will distort and break apart fabrics, especially if they are used frequently after cleaning occurs. However, if you take care to let the fabrics dry before use, this will not be a significant problem.

What We Love:

– Extremely powerful
– Very long runtime
– Powers through any mess you put in front of it
– Lots of attachments for specialized jobs

What Can Be Improved:

– Can be heavy when fully filled
– Produces too much steam for viable use on fabrics
– No carpet glider attachment
– Carrying strap not recommended for elderly