Polti Vapouretto Evolution Steam Cleaner

Even though the Polti Vaporetto Evolution features 4 bar pressure – already more powerful than most vapour steam cleaners on the market – it is also the future in terms of energy use and eco-friendly cleaning. Not only does this machine have no need for chemicals and cleaning products to help it get the grime out of your home, it also uses 20% less energy meaning your home is chemical-free, and you are saving on energy costs as well.

The Good:

Since steam cleaners are all about green cleaning, cost and efficiency, the Polti Vaporetto Evolution stuck with us as an ideal vapour steam cleaning option. It is designed to be energy efficient, drawing 20% less power than any of the other vapour steam cleaners we tested. Although it uses less energy than most other vapour steam cleaners, it also features 4 bar pressure. This places it above the majority of steam cleaners we tested and allows it to cut through just about any mess you put in front of it. With a 1.7 L water tank, the operating time of the Evolution is longer than most vapour steam cleaners on the market.

The Evolution also comes with a set of specialized cleaning tools which can used on any surface from windows to grout. The big selling point is that it is one of the few vapour steam cleaners that produces dry steam. This means you can use it on any kind of fabric or upholstery and leave the surface dry after cleaning has taken place, which is a rarity in the steam cleaning industry. It comes with large and small brush attachments which can be used for your large and concentrated cleaning needs, respectively.

The Bad:

The Evolution is a terrific vapour steam cleaner. However, it does have some shortcomings. For one, it can become very heavy when it is fully filled with water. It is weighted at 9 Kg before water is added, making it one of the heavier products we tested. It is specifically designed to handle indoor messes, but it is not built to tackle outdoor cleaning such as for cars or outdoor windows due to its limited reach. Although we do not expect steam cleaners to handle outdoor tasks, it is always a bonus if they do.

Another setback of the Evolution is that it requires a significant amount of time to heat-up for steam production. We clocked it at about 6 minutes, although it has been reported to take upwards of 10 minutes. This is not a deal-breaker in and of itself, but it is problematic if you have to perform a refill during your cleaning. It’s unlikely this will ever be necessary, however, since the 1.7 L water tank holds enough to operate for up to an hour. Lastly, as with many vapour steam cleaners, the Evolution does not offer a carpet gliding attachment, making it problematic when tackling large sections of carpet.

What We Love:

– Very powerful steam jets
– Run time surpasses most vapour steam cleaners on the market
– Great at energy conservation

What Can Be Improved:

– Heavier than we’d like to see in a vapour steam cleaner
– No carpet glider attachment
– Might require more refills depending on coverage required