Polti Vapouretto Pocket Steam Cleaner

Designed as a lightweight option to traditional vapour steam cleaners, this pocket steam cleaner features 3 bar pressure and a handy shoulder strap for convenience when moving throughout your home.

It is extremely affordable when compared to full-size steam cleaners, and is powerful enough to get most standard cleaning jobs done without hassle. It you want an easy-to-use pocket steam cleaner for your home, this may be the right choice for you.

The Good:

The Polti Vaporetto Pocket Steam Cleaner was developed with flexibility and mobility in mind while retaining the power of a traditional vapour steam cleaner. It is very powerful for its’ moderate size and performs as well as any other vapour steam cleaner we tested. It is a bit underpowered for a vapour steam cleaner at 3 bar pressure, but this is to be expected from a product of its size.

It holds enough water to be effective for about 25 to 30 minutes and although this might be a shorter amount of time than many steam cleaners on the market, it is made easier by the shoulder strap that comes with it. This strap allows you to carry the Pocket with you anywhere you go, making cleaning significantly easier. It also means you are not stuck moving the boiler across the floor while you are cleaning.

The great part of the Pocket is that it allows you the mobility to clean hard-to-reach areas of your home without having to worry about how long the steam hose can extend. We found it very useful when cleaning windows, upholstery and tiled or hardwood floors as it puts out enough steam to be effective yet doesn’t drench the cleaning area. The attachments that come with the Pocket are designed to be used in tight, closed in areas. You have the option of choosing between a large floor brush for wide areas or a smaller floor brush for concentrated spot cleaning. Overall, it is a very flexible and powerful yet mobile vapour steam cleaner.

The Bad:

Although the Pocket is powerful for its size, this does not make it powerful when compared to the majority of vapour steam cleaners. At 3 bar pressure, it has decent power to get through messes but is underpowered compared to other vapour steam cleaners. A big problem we had with the Pocket is that it contains no carpet gliding option. This seemed to be a trend among the vapour steam cleaners, but it is still a problem when carpeted areas are difficult to clean with steam power.

In addition to the issues surrounding power and usefulness, the Pocket also struggles with run time. Unlike most vapour steam cleaners, the Pocket has difficulty operating for more than 25 minutes at full pressure. This is largely due to its reduced tank size to make it more portable.

Although this makes it lighter and easier to use, it also means regular refills are mandatory. Luckily, it has a continuous steam mechanism which makes refills quick and means there is no heat-up period to wait for. It also requires 2 hands to carry unless you are using the shoulder strap to sling it over your shoulders.

What We Love:

– Extremely lightweight
– Designed for carrying/shoulder strap
– Powerful for its size
– Very flexible and mobile

What Can Be Improved:

– Not ideal for tough cleanups
– Requires 2 hands to operate unless shoulder strap is used
– No carpet glider
– Runtime shorter than most vapour steam cleaners