Stream Cleaners Reviews

Below are the links to our various reviews of steam cleaners, these are the machines that we thought were the most common among households and therefore the ones which needed to be reviewed so that people like you could make an informed decision when deciding which one to purchase.

Beldray Steam Cleaner Reviews

Hoover Steam Cleaner Reviews

Pifco Steam Cleaner Reviews

Efbe Schott Steam Cleaner Reviews

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner Reviews

H2O Steam Cleaner Reviews

Shark Steam Cleaner Reviews

Polti Steam Cleaner Reviews

Some of these brands have been around for years, others are a bit newer onto the steam cleaning scene but this by no means means that the newer ones aren’t as good as the brands which have done them for years.

The machines cover all budgets starting at around £50 working up to £200+. When looking for a machine I recommend you take some time think about what it’s primary purpose is, for example if you’re going to only use it for one thing why not get one that is best at that particular thing, but if you are getting one to do various jobs consider some of the all rounders that we have reviewed. We also recommend that you think about how often you are going to use the machine because if it is going to be something that you are going to use daily it might be worth investing a little more and getting a machine with all the bells and whistles whereas if you think you’re only going to use it a few times a year maybe go for a slightly cheaper one.

We review the products looking at various factors and mostly to be honest on how we felt while using them and the feedback from our friends who used them also. We cover factors such as run time, weight, features and the accessories that you can use for the product as well as what they are best used for. We try our best to give an unbiased, honest review on all of the cleaners.

We really hope you find the reviews useful and help you to make the right decision when purchasing a steam cleaner for your house or your work.