Richards Delivers The Steam Cleaner You’ve Always Wanted

Luna Plus by Morphy Richards

When you’re in the market for a steam cleaner, you want something that is versatile, and will actually do a good job. A lot of companies boast that their steam mop can clean multiple surfaces with no fuss, but simply do not deliver. They either come with attachments that don’t work, or multiple heat settings that leave you with warped floors.

One company that always seems to deliver, is Morphy Richards. Though fairly new to the steam cleaner market, their products continue to be one of the best out there. They are one of the only companies who have succeeded in developing an all-purpose steam cleaner that delivers. No exception has been made with their 15-in-1 720507 Luna Plus Steam Cleaner.

This steam mop can do so much more than give your floors a quick clean. With very little effort (depending on how dirty your floors are) your floors are free from all of that dirt and grime that tends to build up over time.

Luna Plus Features

For all of those annoying areas that are tough to clean, one of the many attachments for the Luna Plus is a vibrating head that you can turn on in order to do all of the scrubbing for you! There is also an attachment for the steam cleaner to glide along your carpets, in order to give them a good clean.

Along with your carpets, the Luna Plus can clean hardwood, tiles, and laminate flooring. The steam cleaner can be broken down to become portable for you to clean your furniture, countertops, upholstery, bathroom fixtures, oven or BBQ grills, windows, and everything else in your home that might need a good steam! Your home will never be as easy to clean as it will be with this steamer.

Just like with Morphy Richards’ 12-in-1 Luna model, the Luna Plus has an illuminated floor head, so you have some light to see where you need to clean. This is very useful for dimly lit rooms, so anyone can ensure their floors have been cleaned well.

Luna Plus Accessories and Care

The water tank also has a light so you can easily maintain the water level in your steam mop. With accessories including window squeegees, brass and nylon brushes, an extension hose, a swivel floor head, and shoulder strap for portable use, you will not need another cleaner in your home if you buy the Luna Plus.

Besides its amazing functionality and features, the maintenance on this steam cleaner is marvelous. The water tank is very easy to fill, with the water heating up in less than a minute. Each of the three settings provide a great clean, without causing damage to floors, and all of the pads are machine washable, so they can be constantly reused.

As long as you are not bashing the steam cleaner on your walls, and you are using distilled water in the tank, there should be no need for you to utilise the two year manufacturer’s warranty on the Luna Plus. Overall, Morphy Richards has struck gold again with their latest steam mop, and buying it for your home will be a decision you will not regret.