The Shark 2-In-1 Electric Steam Cleaner Full Review

The Electric Steam Cleaner Mop & Handheld Steamer!

As far as steam mop/handheld steam cleaner combinations go, the Shark 2 in 1 is a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to make their regular cleaning regimen a bit faster and easier. The mop function is terrific for regular cleanups, ensuring the floor is fresh and clean with no allergens present.

The handheld breakaway section is excellent for cleaning tasks around the house including tiled and hardwood floors, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture. We have even heard of people using it to defrost their freezers.

What we particularly enjoy about this particular addition to the Shark steam cleaning family is that it can be used literally anywhere. Whether you are planning on taking care of the weekly buildup of dirt and grime or taking care of a significant spring cleaning project, you have the right tool in the Shark 2 in 1. Attachments and differentiated settings allow you to decide how much steam pressure you want to use, and how you want to use it.

We found the jets on this device to be more powerful than many other steam mops we tested, with the added benefit that it transforms into a handheld steamer with the push of a button. We were impressed with how it worked from start to finish, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a handy, flexible steam cleaning mop for their home.​

On the other hand, there were some noteworthy inadequacies we have seen in other reviews. Generally speaking, the difficulties come from a lack of steam pressure – a consistent complaint when it comes to these devices. Anything that is portable and is capable of boiling water to create significant amounts of steam will be prone to mechanical failure. When we tested it, we did not come across this problem, but we can’t ignore the reviews of other users. Another issue we have seen referenced regularly is the inability of this device to clean serious messes. As we mentioned above, we would not suggest it for heavy-duty cleaning. It is designed to handle regular, day-to-day jobs.

That being said, we are satisfied with our test of the Shark 2 in 1 and would suggest you give it a try to see if it’s right for you.

What We Love:

– Enough power for basic, everyday use
– Very flexible for all jobs around the house
– Reasonable price based on comparable products

What Can Be Improved:

– Other reviews have found the steam jets to be weak
– May not be able to handle serious messes
– Can’t take much punishment