Shark Lift-Away Steam Pocket Mop 5 in 1 Review

When it comes to excellent steam cleaning options, we can’t pass up on the chance to talk about the Shark Lift-Away. Like it’s smaller brother, the Shark 2 in 1, the Lift-Away was designed and constructed with general-purpose steam cleaning in mind. The key differences between these 2 products, however, are the extended cord, the additional attachments and the longer run time due to the additional steam pocket this appliance holds.

When it comes to functionality, the Lift-Away follows the trend of most Shark products. It is designed to be an answer to the basic daily cleaning regimen of the average homeowner. The steam mop covers a larger floor area when put up against comparable products while the attached handheld device allows for total home coverage using any of the 9 attachments that come with this steam cleaner. The runtime is fairly standard for most steam clean mops at 15 minutes.

A big win for this product is the extended power cord, which allows you to get more work done in a shorter amount of time without the need to constantly shift power outlets. We found it to be particularly useful when used on tiled surfaces. Both the mop function and the handheld steam cleaner with attachments performed well when it came to bathroom and kitchen cleaning, making this product ideal for general home use, with a bit of extra kick for tough dirt and grime.

As with most products, there are some negative reviews that this steam mop/handheld steam cleaner combination needs to overcome. We have read reviews that show some models to come out with defects such as weak steam production or poorly built motors. We did not experience this at all, so it is difficult to determine whether the issues were a result of poor manufacturing or of not properly reading the instructions. Additionally, some reviews include negative comments on the ability of this steam mop to properly clean everything from floors to windows using either the mop or the handheld option. Again, we did not have this experience, so it is difficult to know whether these individuals were provided with fault systems or were not using the appliance properly.

What We Love:

– Very flexible for overall day-to-day cleaning
– Plenty of attachments to cover every surface of your home
– Extended power cord for full room coverage

What Can Be Improved:

– Reports of low-pressure steam
– Some steam cleaners have been reported defective
– A bit pricey

Whether or not a Shark steam cleaner is the right choice for you, we hope these reviews have helped to inform you when you are making a purchasing decision with regard to your new steam cleaner.