Shark Steam Cleaner Reviews

Shark has become a name synonymous with steam cleaning over the last few years, with products ranging from small handheld steam cleaners to large-scale industrial steam cleaning products. Since it is well-known and something our readers are likely to come across fairly regularly, we thought we would introduce a couple of Shark products as examples of the excellent value this brand provides.

Although Shark produces many different kinds of steam cleaners for both home and industrial use, there are a few specific products we wish to highlight as they are the most likely to provide value to you in the form of your daily cleaning needs. These Shark steam cleaning mops are great options when it comes to first-time buyers since they provide the reliability and flexibility needed to ensure your cleaning needs are met without being outrageously expensive.

Power and Flexibility

Shark steam mops are notorious for their ability to produce powerful steam power in a fairly compact system. They produced significant steam power during each of our tests and performed extremely well when compared to other steam mop products. While they are not more powerful than the high-end steam mops on the market, they make up for this by being reasonably priced and being well put-together.


When it comes to mid-range steam mops, there are few brands that compete with Shark products. They have double benefits in that they are fairly inexpensive, but perform comparably to higher-end models. We do not suggest Shark products as a first-time purchase only because they are more expensive than many “entry-level” products we have reviewed. We suggest starting with more affordable options to determine whether steam mops are a good fit for your home cleaning needs.


Shark products are universally heralded as some of the best-built products on the market. In this they come short of industrial steam cleaners like Efbe-Schott, but outperform almost all other brands. They have a reputation for being built to last and can take punishment better than most products. We agree with this assessment as we always felt the steam mops and handheld attachments had more to offer than we demanded of them.

Surpasses Expectations

When it comes to steam cleaning, there are very few “miracle workers”. In other words, any form of cleaning will always require some elbow grease and steam cleaners are no exception. However, Shark steam mops were regularly able to surpass our expectations in their performance. This can primarily be attributed to their steam power and versatile handheld attachments which made them ideal for tackling everyday messes in every environment we tested them in.

We would strongly suggest picking up a Shark steam cleaner when you have determined steam cleaning is the way you want to go. They are a bit more pricey than many products on the market, but they will work well from Day 1 and continue until you no longer have use for them.