Best Steam Cleaner For Grout

Today’s steam cleaners have a lot of uses. From tiled floors to carpets, upholstery and clothing, they can be used across a wide variety of surfaces to achieve a spotless clean without using traditional methods like harsh chemicals and elbow grease. While steam cleaners have the ability to clear up messes from almost any surface, we have found that one of the most effective uses for them is to clean out grouted areas. Instead of digging into grouted corners with handcloths or washing over them with traditional mops, steam cleaners provide you with an easy, effective and sanitary way to remove built up dirt in a matter of seconds.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a steam cleaner for grout cleaning. Not all steam cleaners are born equal, and you want to make sure that the product you buy is designed to handle the job of grout cleaning. For a list of steam cleaners we suggest for this task, please check the bottom of this page. Here are a few things to look out for:

Factor #1: Does it provide “dry steam”?

Dry steam cleaning is the name given to steam cleaners that use pressure to boost steam production while minimizing water use. This is important because grouted floors do not need to be covered in water to maximize their effectiveness. In fact, more water can impact the cleanliness of your floor as particles are broken up and taken out of grout, but settle back into it since water always settles in the lowest part of any surface. Dry steam cleaners avoid this issue by using pressure to bump dirt out of your grouted areas and do not saturate the area, avoiding the issue of dirt relocation.

Factor #2: Does it come with a grout-specific cleaning attachment?

Some steam cleaners come with a tool dedicated specifically to the cleaning of grout. Depending on the model, this can be a steam brush or simply a concentrated steam stream attachment thin enough to get between the cracks and flush dirt out of them. While any steam cleaner can theoretically be used to clean grout, it is best to have an attachment to make the process faster and easier.

Factor #3: How much pressure does it provide?

The pressure output of a steam cleaner is measured by bars. Most steam cleaners fall within the 3 to 5 bar pressure spectrum. In general, the higher the pressure output of the steam cleaner, the more likely it is to break up dirt in grout and to remove it effectively. On average, a 3 to 4 bar pressure steam cleaner is sufficient for grout cleaning, but for ease of use and convenience, a higher bar pressure might suit you better.

By following these general rules for grout removal, you will be well situated to find the best steam cleaner for grout. What you are looking for is a steam cleaning system that features the following attributes:

  • Produces “dry steam”
  • Has a grout cleaning attachment
  • Provides between 3 and 4 bar pressure

Here are a few steam cleaners that fit this description:

Polti Vaporetto Evolution

The Kärcher Multi-Purpose 

The Efbe-Schott SteamEasy 4-Bar 

Best Steam Cleaner For Carpets

Steam cleaners have become a major hit in many British households for their easy cleaning ability. It’s easy to see the value in a cleaning method that handles nearly every aspect of everyday cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals. History shows that steam cleaners are typically associated with carpet cleaning, which brings us to the subject of this article. When it comes to carpet cleaning, what steam cleaner is the best? Here are a few tips on the important aspects of carpet cleaning, and a few of our picks for the best steam cleaners that make the grade:

Tip #1: Carpets do not need to be saturated to be cleaned

As a general rule, you want to make sure that your carpet steam cleaner is not emitting tons of steam. Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to steam cleaning carpets, less is more. Less water means less dampness, and less dampness in carpets means less potential for mould and mildew buildup. In other words you want a steam cleaner that produces “dry steam” – an effect which maximizes the heat and cleaning potential of boiling water without “washing” the carpet. This will make your carpets cleaner, more sanitary, and remove bacteria and allergens without risk. Vapour steam cleaners such as the Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 Steam Cleaner, Polti Vaporetto Evolution Steam Cleaner or Kärcher Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner are ideal for this kind of work.

Tip #2: Determine what kind of steam cleaning your carpets require

The amount of carpet you have in your home will determine what kind of steam cleaner you should use. For example, if you want full-area coverage in a house predominantly floored with carpet, you may want a steam mop with carpet attachment or a vapour steam cleaner. These are great for regular use and can get the job done fairly quickly. A few examples are the Morphy Richards 720022 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner, H2O Mop X5 5 in 1 Portable Steam Mop Multi Purpose and Shark 2 in1 Electric Steam Cleaner Mop.

Tip #3: Think about what else you want from a carpet steam cleaner

Do you want a steam cleaner limited only to carpets, or would you prefer for it to be able to handle other aspects of your home cleaning needs? We personally prefer multi-purpose steam cleaners for the simple reason that they can be used across multiple parts of your home. This reduces your cleaning time and helps with your overall productivity, allowing you more time to do the things that are important to you. Ideally, you want a steam cleaner that can handle carpet, upholstery and hard surfaces like tiles and hardwood. A few products that fit this bill are the Polti Vaporetto Go Steam Cleaner, Beldray 10-in-1 Steam Cleaner and Efbe-Schott High Pressure Steam Cleaner