Why You Should Make The Change To Steam Cleaners

The days of cleaning our homes with pure, non concentrated, bleach have long been over. Why? Because bleach might be a good way to disinfect your floors, but it’s not good for our health. With side effects including irritation in your nose, eyes, skin, or lungs, or more serious ones such as skin burns, or respiratory problems, it’s no wonder the change was made.

That change, however, was to other chemicals that can be harmful. Ones that come with warning labels to keep away from children and pets. Ones that tell you not to ingest, and to keep away from your eyes. So, why do so many people still use these cleaning products to clean their floors? Why not clean and sanitize your floors with a steam cleaner?

Why Steam Cleaners are Better

Using a steam cleaner is an excellent way to remove harmful bacteria from your floors, and other surfaces in your home, with water. It’s not only an environmentally friendly way to clean, but can save you time and money.

With its internal boiler (or electric valve on some models) that heats water to disinfecting temperatures, steam is pushed out at a force to easily remove grime, grease, and dirt. Your surfaces are left with a fresh look and feel, without the use or smell of harsh chemicals.

Chemicals and Cleaning

If you are an allergy sufferer, you should definitely consider making the switch to a steam cleaner. Much like bleach, the chemicals used in cleaning products can be very harmful to your respiratory system. Anyone who currently deals with allergies, or asthma, may find that their symptoms are aggravated after cleaning with these products (which can be a good excuse to avoid cleaning, but will likely end up badly).

Even though there are eco-friendly products on the market for cleaning without chemicals, they are not as beneficial as cleaning with steam. By cleaning with only water, you are getting an inexpensive way to clean your home, while killing bacteria.

Dealing with Mold

On top of the bacteria that can come with dirt and grime build up, mold can also be an issue in your home -especially the bathroom. When in high moisture areas, mold can fester, and be a pain to get rid of. Having mold also means having harmful, and potentially deadly, mycotoxins that can result in, or worsen, a vast number of health problems.

What might surprise you is that bleach will not kill mold. However, steam cleaners will. Because they can allow the water to reach such a high temperature, steam mops will be able to kill the mold that can form in your home.

Using a steam cleaner can very well be the best way to ensure your home is completely clean and sanitised. With a one time purchase on the right steam cleaner for your needs, the only expense you need to worry about are the electricity and water needed to heat and clean.

They can be versatile as well, so you can buy one steam cleaner for your tiles, hardwood, laminate, and carpets, on top of your furniture, counters, windows, and any other areas of your home that need cleaning!