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You desire nothing less than the finest when it comes to your house’s cleanliness and safety. For years, we’ve been indoctrinated with the idea that cleaning chemicals are the only way to make our houses clean enough for our spouses and children.

Unfortunately, typical cleaning chemicals can harm your family’s health. Chemicals that are too strong make their way into your tables, counters, floors, and furniture and straight into your children and beloved pets. Chemicals may also leave behind a residue on the surfaces of your home, which can cause future problems.

Consider this: many of the cleaning supplies you currently utilize have warning labels regarding putting your skin, eyes, tongue, or nose in contact with them. If you expect safety from your cleaning supplies, how can you be confident that your family won’t suffer ill effects while breathing in the air around them? What makes your home safe for your family is the air that they breathe, and the safety of that air starts with how you clean it.

The toughest kind of steam cleaning is the best steam cleaners. There are a variety of types of steam cleaning systems available these days, and each one has its own benefits and disadvantages. The more traditional types of steam cleaners are usually called steam mops, which is a hand-held device that heats up water to produce the steam. In addition to being portable, these devices have a number of different heads designed for specific tasks – e.g., you can get a “carpet glider” for steam cleaning your carpets, and a “spray mop” for sanitizing your floors.

The major benefit of doing this is that you simply attach the head you need to the bottom portion of the machine and then just go to work. Since they’re so small, usually light enough to carry with one hand, and easy to maneuver around furniture and into other hard-to-reach areas, steam mops offer convenience that larger systems lack. They also decrease the risk of accidental damage to delicate flooring surfaces because their smaller size reduces how much downward pressure could be exerted upon them during use.

The disadvantage of this type of system is that they can’t produce as strong a concentration of steam or operate for as long. However, if you have a relatively small area that needs to be cleaned and only need it done quickly, then this is an excellent choice. In addition, many steam mops allow for the use of different types of pads depending on what you’re trying to accomplish – i.e., some will come with standard microfiber pads and others will include scrubbing strips which can be used when they’re needed.

Another type of system is the handheld unit, which looks like a traditional vacuum cleaner in design but has a long hose attached to its wand or handle instead of having a bag inside. These units often look like high-end vacuum cleaners because most companies sell their “steam cleaners” as another device they offer (most major companies produce both vacuum cleaners and steam mops).

The major advantage of these types of systems is that they can produce much higher concentrations of steam because the average handheld model weighs about fifteen pounds. They also heat up very quickly (usually around thirty seconds), allowing you to use them for durations longer than traditional mops, which makes them more effective since they can “steam” a larger area during each cycle. The drawback to these devices is their price tag – standard handheld steam cleaners tend to be several hundred dollars or even over a thousand. However, if you have an especially large area that needs cleaning every week, then this type of system might be worth looking into.

Top Steam Cleaner Comparison Table

Steam cleaners use a very simple system to create a cleaner atmosphere in your home. By boiling water into steam and spreading it across the surface you want to clean, these awesome cleaning tools lift dirt, bacteria and viruses from the surfaces of your home and kill them with heat, allowing you to vacuum them up easily and efficiently.

Steam cleaners exist for all kinds of surfaces. From your countertops to your tables, your carpet to your tile floors and even your furniture, there is a type of steam cleaner that helps you keep your home spotless, germ-free and safe for your family.

The Benefits Of Steam Cleaners

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Steam Cleaners

There are a lot of steam cleaners on the market, so picking out the best one for your needs might be difficult. Fortunately, we’ve gathered a list of review to assist you in making that decision. Here are some things to think about while selecting a steam cleaner.

  1. What types of floors will you be cleaning? If you plan on using the steam cleaner to clean your marble and granite tiles, then you’ll need to get a different model than you would if you were only planning on cleaning your carpets.
  2. How often will you use the steam cleaner? If it will only be plugged in every so often, then you might not need to spend more than $100. On the other hand, if this is going to be your daily cleaner, then you’ll want to get something that is both durable and powerful.
  3. Do you need a steam cleaner for your car? If you frequently travel with children, then the last thing you want to be doing is scrubbing out their car seats with soap and water. Look for a model that has additional accessories designed specifically for use on your car.
  4. Is portability a concern? If you might need to move the machine from room to room, then look for something that is light and easy to transport. Some models come with extendable cords or even removable internal storage tanks.
  5. Why are you getting a steam cleaner in the first place? Is it to clean up after your pets? If so, then look for a model that is designed specifically with pet owners in mind. Some machines are entirely too powerful for this type of work.

Bar Pressure

The pressure at which steam escapes the cleaner is known as boiler pressure. In general, the greater the pressure, the more dirt, grime, and allergies will be removed from your home. However, it’s crucial to consider what you’ll do with your steam cleaner once you’ve finished cleaning.

However, if you have sensitive tiles or delicate carpets, you may risk causing more harm to the surface by cleaning it with too much force. On the other hand, a high-pressure steam cleaner may be detrimental to hardwood or tiled floors since it is not efficient on fabrics and furniture. In general, most household activities require a pressure between 2 and 4 bars.

Steam cleaners below this pressure are not recommended for removing grime from floors, windows, baths and shower screens, cars, patio furniture or other outdoor settings. In addition to their low-pressure steam output, these steam cleaners may not have a large enough water tank capacity to complete the job in one session either – which can be frustrating.

There is a wide variety of steam cleaners available, so it’s important to read the manufactures’ descriptions and product materials before buying. This will help you understand what each model can offer so that you can make an informed decision about which cleaner will best suit your needs. You should also note that there are two different types of steam cleaner: those with a continuous steam supply and those which can produce short bursts of high-pressure steam.

Types of Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners come in three main types: handheld steamers, mops, and upright models. Handheld steamers are small and lightweight enough to carry around with one hand while cleaning stairs or furniture with the other. Mops provide a cylindrical or rectangular head for cleaning hard floors. Upright models resemble traditional vacuum cleaners, and often have a variety of tools and settings available to allow you to clean different surfaces.

Conversion Model

Multiple settings are available on many steam cleaners. In general, these systems transition from steam mops to handheld steamers, allowing you to easily clean the corners of your home while still providing a lightweight, portable, and simple-to-use option for your flooring. If you’re searching for a versatile steam cleaner, look into whether the one you’re interested in has a handheld option, and if so, consider how many other settings it offers.

Cleaning pads and other accessories

Steam cleaners frequently come with a variety of cleaning pads. These allow you to easily clean multiple surfaces while using the same cleaner, making it an effective and efficient tool for any household or office. Find out whether your steam cleaner comes with its own set of cleaning pads and other accessories, such as brushes for furniture, handheld steamers for upholstery, and scrubbers for heavily soiled tiles.


Steam cleaners are typically very simple to use. Simply fill them with water, plug them in, wait a few minutes for the chamber to heat up, then press the trigger. Many models come with their own set of cleaning pads and tools, such as brushes and scrubbers. Others come with a measuring cup or funnel for filling the chamber without spilling water all over the place. If you’re looking for overall simplicity in your steam cleaner, look out for these features on any model you consider purchasing.

Steam Temperature

The temperature of steam is an important factor when it comes to safety as well as cleaning. Steam that comes from a steam cleaner is fairly hot, and if it’s not cooled down with water before being released, can cause some serious burns. Some models will adjust the temperature of their steam for different surfaces, including low-temperature settings for delicate hardwood floors or high temperatures for grout or other especially soiled surfaces.

Heating Time

Steam cleaners typically take around one minute to heat up and release steam. Models that heat up in less than a minute will save you valuable cleaning time and help you reach more areas of your home or office in less time. On the other hand, some steamers may take longer to reach their optimal temperature, which is fine as long as you’re not in a hurry.


Steam cleaner design is typically fairly simple – shaped like a canister with a handle at the top, they’re very easy to use. Although some steam cleaners look quite similar to others, there are a few features that may set certain models apart from the rest. For example, handheld steamers will often have a removable water tank for easy refills when the water runs out. Others come with different settings or accessories that make them more versatile tools in any home or office.

A steam mop is a self-contained steam cleaning system which superheats water up to 275 degrees before spraying it on a surface. This action kills almost every known kind of bacteria and is excellent for overall sanitation and cleanliness. Like traditional mops, these systems are best used on hardwood or tiled floors. These systems allow you to eliminate your entire cleaning arsenal and focus on the use of just 1 cleaning products for your floors.


Portable, versatile steam cleaners are what they’re called. They’re designed to be used in a variety of situations, so they come with a variety of attachments that may be utilized for everything from floor cleaning to cleaning textiles.

Cleaning is a dirty business, but there’s no reason that the tools you rely on to do it need to be. The best steam cleaners can safely clean just about anything, without doing damage or leaving behind traces of harmful chemicals.

Some are even created for cleaning in the oven. When purchasing the correct system for you, it’s critical to ensure that it includes all of the essential components to clean your entire house from top to bottom.

Steam Mops


  • No harsh chemicals
  • Easy use
  • No cost aside from water
  • The cheapest steam cleaning option


  • Made specifically for floors and no other surfaces
  • Very little flexibility

Handheld Steam Cleaners

Handheld steam cleaners are very similar to steam mops in that they allow you to create steam from the water in your tap in order to clean the surfaces of your home. Unlike steam mops, however, most of the systems come with handy cleaning attachments which allow for more flexibility around your home. This gives you the ability to clean most surfaces in your home (including your floors) using just 1 cleaning device.


  • Flexible solution to cleaning all surfaces of your home


  • Not as high-powered as some alternative steam cleaning methods
  • Not able to clean fabrics

Vapour Steam Cleaners

Vapour steam cleaners are the ultimate steam cleaning systems. They allow for deep cleaning across any kind of surface using “dry steam”. Dry steam is an excellent steam cleaning solution where the deepest clean and least amount of leftover water is needed. It is ideal for cleaning indoor furniture, carpets and fabrics since the steam is able to dig into the material and loosen dirt, bacteria and viruses, destroy them, and leave very little moisture afterwards.


  • Deepest clean of all steam cleaners
  • Can be used across any surface
  • Leaves very little moisture behind after cleaning


  • Tends to be bulkier than most steam cleaning products
  • Is typically the most expensive steam cleaning option

The Best Steam Cleaners For Floors, Carpets and Furniture

Depending on what you are cleaning in your home, you want to make sure the steam cleaning product you choose is suited to the task. We have put together a brief list of our favourite steam cleaning products suited to specific tasks you might encounter in your home so we can maximize the value each of these products has for you.

Steam Cleaners For Floors

Steam cleaners have traditionally been associated with deep-cleaning carpets and for sanitizing hardwood and tiled floors. Here are a few things you should look for when buying for these specific tasks:

Hardwood and Tile Steam Cleaners

Hardwood and tiled floors are seen as being the easiest to clean, making them a common part of any home. That being said, you want to make sure that the products you are using are not causing long-term damage to these surfaces. Cleaning products used with mops, for example, can damage hardwood by corroding the surface and letting moisture underneath. This can cause warping and disfigured flooring, costing you thousands in repairs every few years.

Steam cleaners provide a solution to this problem – they are designed for floors do not use any harsh chemicals meaning your floors remain safe and sound throughout your cleaning regimen. Additionally, the amount of water used by these devices is very small. The end result is that none of the moisture you create during your clean will warp your floors. This keeps them shining without any risk of damage.

The best for hardwood or tiled floors tend to be steam mops. These products are made for light use and regular cleaning projects, which is what hardwood and tiled floors typically need.

Ideal Steam Cleaners For Hardwood and Tile:

Steam Mops


  • Steam mops are light and portable
  • Enough power for day-to-day cleaning
  • Most feature handheld steam cleaning option
  • Very cheap option


  • Do not provide deep clean of vapour steam cleaners
  • Handheld cleaners can be a pain for large areas
  • Not made for tough-cleaning scenarios
  • Vapour Steam Cleaners

Vapour Steam Cleaners


  • Very powerful option for deep cleaning
  • Limited water usage means no warped floors
  • Get for large areas


  • Tend to be more expensive than steam cleaning mops
  • Are not as portable as steam cleaning mops
  • Require more energy to operate

Our Picks For The Best Hardwood and Tile Steam Cleaners

Beldray 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner

The Beldray 9-in-1 provides you with everything you could possibly ask for in an all-in-one steam cleaning system. It provides 15 minutes of steam time and accessories which allow you to cover every floor in your home. Whether you are working on hardwood or tiled floors, this excellent machine gives you the power and water volume to get the job done. It also features a carpet-combing attachment which allows you to operate this steam cleaner on carpeted surfaces – a rarity among steam mops. It is lightweight and portable, and has enough power to take care of most day-to-day cleaning needs.

What We Liked: 

Ease of use


What Could Be Improved: 

15 minute steam time is shorter than most comparable products

Pifco 10-in-1 Steam Mop

The Pifco 10-in-1 provides you with flexibility when it comes to cleaning your hardwood and tiled floors. The steam setting can be adjusted according to your needs, giving you the ability to handle light or heavy traffic areas equally easily. It heats up within 20 seconds to provide you with a fast, easy cleaning option for your everyday needs. You will never have to look into harsh cleaning chemicals or annoying mops again once you have this powerful cleaning option in your arsenal.

What We Liked: 

Basic solution to hardwood and tile floor cleaning

Very easy to use

What Could Be Improved: 

No carpet-cleaning serviceability

Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Upright and Handheld Steam Mop

This Morphy Richards 9 in 1ticks all the boxes you need for a basic steam mop/handheld steamer when it comes to taking care of hardwood and tiled floors. It can be used both in an upright mop mode and as a handheld device for tricky corners and cabinetry. Although we don’t suggest it, this mop also has the ability to be used on upholstery and carpeted surfaces. When we tried it on these surfaces, we found the amount of water it used in steam cleaning was a bit high. That being said, it makes for an excellent hardwood and tile floor cleaner and is extremely affordable compared to most steam cleaning options.

What We Liked: 

Extremely affordable

Very good on hardwood and tile surfaces

Quick-cool for easy accessory changes

What Could Be Improved: 

Not great on carpeted surfaces or fabrics

Doesn’t function longer than 15 minutes without a refill

Can get heavy if used overhead

Shark 2 in 1 Electric Steam Cleaner Mop & Handheld Steamer

The Shark 2 in 1 is a great example of an excellent steam mop and handheld steam cleaner which is multi-purpose and provides value regardless of the task you have in mind. The steam mop functions incredibly well on tiled and hardwood surfaces while the handheld detachment retains enough power for tough grease and grime cleaning around the house. While this steam cleaner is not ideal for use on carpets, it does double extremely well in bathroom and kitchen cleaning, as the handheld attachment can get into those tough-to-reach areas and clean out ovens, cupboards, countertops and around toilets, sinks and bathtubs. Although it didn’t do well on carpets, we think its performance on hard surfaces makes up for this. The handheld extension can be used on carpets in a pinch.

What We Liked: 

Extreme flexibility for use in all parts of your home

Handheld device very powerful for kitchen and bathroom cleaning

Long operation time

What Could Be Improved: 

Doesn’t perform well on carpets

Not as powerful as some vapour steam cleaners

Carpet Steam Cleaners

Carpet steam cleaners are what most people think of when they hear the words “steam cleaners”. Traditionally, these have been large, clunky machines that focus on removing stains from carpets. Rather than using steam cleaners as an emergency measure to remove stains from carpets, most of the products we have collected are meant to be used as part of your normal cleaning cycle. This keeps your carpet fresh and sanitized while avoiding stains setting in.

The benefits of carpet steam cleaners is that they are created with portability and ease of use in mind. Most are either portable units that look like vacuum cleaners, or can be mounted on your shoulders so you don’t have to worry about annoying cords getting in the way.

The primary consideration you should take into account when considering what carpet steam cleaner to get is how much bar pressure it holds and, depending on the amount of carpet in your home, the amount of water it contains. This will help in decided how long the steam cleaner can operate for and how deep the steam will penetrate into the carpet.

Ideal Steam Cleaners For Carpet:



  • Extremely portable for easy use
  • Allows you to specifically target problem areas of your carpet
  • Can be placed on shoulder or back for portability


  • Very little water capacity
  • Not ideal for large carpeted areas
  • Can get heavy if not mounted

Vapour Steam Cleaners


  • Dry steaming gives deep clean
  • Large water capacity for large carpeted areas
  • High pressure systems provide highest sanitation


  • Large systems can be unwieldy around the home
  • Requires more energy
  • Heavier than handheld options

Our Picks For The Best Carpet Steam Cleaners

Efbe-Schott SteamEasy 4-Bar Steam Cleaner

The Efbe-Schott SteamEasy 4-Bar is a fantastic addition to the carpet steam cleaning industry. It features excellent pressure to dig deep into carpet fibres and root out dirt, grime and allergens. It can be used equally well on all floor surfaces, but uses less steam than most mop options, resulting in less liquid on your floor and more efficient steam cleaning. We really like the back-mount option this steam cleaner provides, allowing you to walk around your home with your hands free and without the weight most handheld devices have. It also features the power you associate with most vapour steam cleaners, making it a great addition to your cleaning arsenal.

What We Liked: 

Very portable

Mounting option provides for easy use

Lots of power

What Could Be Improved: 

Can get heavy after prolonged use

Limited to use on floors

Morphy Richards 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner

The Morphy Richards 12-in-1 is a great choice for those looking to do regular, everyday cleaning on all floored surfaces. With 400mL of water tank storage, this Steam Mop/Handheld steam cleaner gives you enough steaming time to cover most floors in your home quickly and easily. The carpet-attachment allows you to cover both your hardwood, tiled and carpeted floors with minor time spent changing parts. The built-in boiler safety system means you don’t have to wait for this steam mop to cool down before switching out accessories. We particularly liked the portability and light weight of this model. Although we don’t suggest it, there is also an attachment for handling upholstery and fabrics.

What We Liked: 


Easy to use

No wait to switch accessories

What Could Be Improved: 

No as much water storage as vapour steam cleaners

Less pressure than vapour steam cleaners

Upholstery attachment did not perform well

Fabric Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners designed for use with fabrics have been around for a while. That being said, it took a long time to perfect a system that allowed for a deep clean while simultaneously avoiding too much exposure to moisture. Today’s fabric steam cleaners are far and above some of the best to have ever been invented. They can come in handheld or full-system forms, allowing you to move around your home easily and thoroughly cleaning your furniture, drapes, clothing and towels.

These excellent cleaning machines give you an alternative to dusting on a regular basis, adding moisture to the air and removing additional particles from your home, limiting the amount of dust which collects and giving you a quick cleaning option that doesn’t involve chemicals of any kind.

When it comes to purchasing a steam cleaner for fabric, it is worth taking a look at vapour and handheld devices since they give you options both for portability and for “dry steaming”. The benefit of dry steaming is the production of high-pressured steam using as little water as possible. This limits the amount of water that makes its way into your furniture, which eliminates the risk of water damage that most water-based cleaning solutions have.

Ideal Steam Cleaners For Fabrics:



  • Portable and lightweight for every situation
  • Easy for localized cleaning
  • Able to target problem areas


  • Do not run for very long
  • Some use too much water for effective cleaning
  • Can damage some kinds of furniture and fabrics

Vapour Steam Cleaners


  • High pressure systems allow for deep cleaning
  • Run for a long time when compared to most steam cleaners
  • Dry steaming can be used on any kind of fabric without risk of damage


  • Heavier cleaning system
  • Requires more energy
  • Costs more than handheld devices

Our Picks For The Best Fabric Steam Cleaners

Hoover SteamJet Express Handheld Steam Cleaner

The Hoover Steamjet Express is a powerful little handheld cleaner with the guts to get any portable steam cleaning project done. Although the runtime is very short (about 12 minutes), the power you get out of this small machine is worth it if you are trying to eliminate tough grime from your fabrics and can be used in nearly any steam cleaning scenario from dirty floors, carpets, kitchens or bathrooms. At an extremely reasonable price, we strongly suggest having one of these in your home for taking care of tough messes in small, localized areas. Since it operates so powerfully, you also receive a relatively small amount of water on the cleaned surface, making it great for use on upholstery and carpets.

What We Liked: 

Very small and portable

A lot of power for tough cleaning

Can be used in almost any situation

What Could Be Improved: 

Very small runtime

Not ideal for large-scale cleaning

Better used in emergency situations than for day-to-day cleaning

Kärcher Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

We love this multi-purpose steam cleaner for it’s flexibility, power and portability. Considerably lighter than most comparable steam cleaners, but without comprimising the power of this device makes it ideal for day-to-day or intensive cleaning. You can choose how deep you want the dry steam option to dig by controlling the steam setting. You also have the ability to clean every surface of your home, whether it be hardwood, carpet, tile, appliances, kitchen or bathrooms. We could not find a single surface that this device failed on, making it one of the few we tested that made a good impression in every setting. The energy usage is a bit of an issue, and it can be a bit heavy if used for long durations. That being said, as a general-use steam cleaner, this one takes the cake.

What We Liked: 

Great for every surface of your home

Long runtime

As powerful as you need it to be in every situation

What Could Be Improved: 

Uses a lot of energy

Can overheat if under prolonged use

Heavy if carried